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March 31, 2017

Embrace the Uncertainty....March Quote of the Month

March's quote was-Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty.  Enjoy the beauty of becoming.  When nothing is certain, everything is possible.  For me this quote hits home,  I am in a period of transition and I am not quite sure what the future will bring.  It is a reminder to enjoy the moment and all of possibilities it holds.

For this quote I went back to my vintage roots.  I started my mixed media journey at the height of the vintage movement. Today, I tend to gravitate towards brighter colors.  From time to time, I feel the pull of vintage and this time I went with the inspiration.

Read on to learn more.

March Quote of the Month
Since we have been discussing PanPastels, I wanted to feature them in this project.  You can learn more about PanPastels here.  


  • Surfaces: Pattern Paper, Watercolor Paper and Card Stock.
  • Tools: Stencil, Palette Knife, Circle Punches and Stamps (Clock and Text)
  • Color Mediums: PanPastels, Paint, Distress Crayon (black), Inktense Pencils and Black Sharpie
  • Other:  Modeling Paste, Pouring Medium, Versamark Ink and Printed Tissue Paper

Apply Modeling Paste through stencil.  Allow time to dry.

Apply PanPastels to background.  PanPastels are a great way to add color to Modeling Paste.

Using fingers, apply paint to background.  Use black Distressed Crayons to highlight edges of background.

Stamp images onto watercolor paper using Versamark.  Color with PanPastels. Cut into squares, rectangles and circles.

Layer pieces onto background.

Highlight pieces with Inktense pencils.

Add tissue paper to background using Matte Medium.  

Outline with a black Sharpie.

Print sentiment.  Outline each section with black ink.  Apply pouring medium to each section and allow time to dry.  I opted to paint behind each section to create separation from the background.  Add sentiment to complete project.
Watch for the next quote coming soon.  The project is part of the 12 Quotes of 2017 series.

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