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February 15, 2017


What is the last thing you celebrated?

I found this question in a series of journaling prompts and it made me a little sad.  I certainly celebrate holidays and birthdays and my son's achievements.  But I rarely celebrate my own accomplishments.

That is kinda sad.  The last one I can think of is a job promotion 16 years ago.  What the hell!

I must have achieved something in the last 16 years that I can celebrate.  Time to change the routine.  This year I choose to celebrate more.  I choose to celebrate the little things I accomplish each day. I choose to celebrate my progress towards larger goals.  I choose to celebrate my accomplishments large and small.

I am starting today by celebrating the gains I have made over the past 2 years with my health.  Through hard work, research and lots of trial and error I have made huge gains.  That deserves more than a footnote in my mind.  I choose to celebrate today.....with a new journal.

I have tried for many years to make journaling a habit.  But try as I might I could never get the habit to stick.  Time to try something new.  A beautiful new journal....not a cheapo like I usually get.  And a pen.  A journal and a pen I love.  So I did.  I love the smell and feel of the journal I picked.  It inspires me to write.

It will be a place to record my thoughts and the bits and pieces that make up our lives.  Those bits and pieces are important.  They deserve to be remembered.

So I ask you this.....what is the last thing you celebrated.


  1. yeah, what the hell???? WHY is it so easy to forget about ourselves? And I'm single without children so I don't even have that excuse!

    1. I know! And maybe it is just too easy to say life gets busy. It would be more accurate to say it is not a priority. While I probably won't celebrate every achievement, I do plan to acknowledge them....maybe in my new journal. :) I too often focus on what I don't accomplish, than I what I do.

    2. Doesn't the feeling of "acknowledging" seem so much more relaxed compared to "celebrating"? Maybe it's just me but when I read acknowledging I didn't feel any pressure. Kudos to you for making that distinction.

    3. Celebration seems a bit indulgent to me....so yes acknowledgment seems more relaxed. And possibly less expensive. ;)

  2. I love the entry you shared. You inspire me to journal.

    1. Awesome! While I am not up to daily yet, I am making progress.