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February 23, 2017

Amazing Watercolor Prints

Ever since I started playing with the Gelli Plate I have been obsessed with creating similar prints using watercolor paints.

What I love most about the prints created using the Gelli Plates is their randomness.  Each print is completely different and they have a unique sense of depth and interest.

After some practice I have come up with a technique that works.  I am loving the results.

Now I am obsessed with creating watercolor prints. :)

Watercolor Prints
You will only need a handful of supplies to create watercolor prints.

  • Watercolors (I used Color Burst Pigments and Distressed Spray Ink, but you could use any spray ink or watercolor paints.)
  • Watercolor Paper or Watercolor Journal
  • Paint Brush
  • Non-porous work surface. (They do not recommend using spray ink with the Gelli Plate as it can stain the surface.  I chose to use a piece of plastic to create my prints.)
  • Paper Stencils or Die-Cuts  (I didn't try regular stencils, but I think you could adapt the process to use them.  I like using paper stencils as I can use them on other projects and I don't have to clean them.  That is a win-win in my book.)
  • Water Spray Bottle
The process is pretty simple.....and very messy.  So have fun!  Watch the video below for complete details of the print making process.
  1.  Cover work surface with spray ink or watercolor paints.  If using pigment powders spray surface with water and then add the powders.  Spray liberally with water.
  2. Move color around with paint brush.
  3. Lay stencil onto ink/paint.
  4. Lay watercolor paper over stencil.  
  5. Press paper to pick up the color.  Continue until color seeps through the back side.
  6. Remove watercolor to reveal your print.

The Results
These are just some of the prints I created.

I will be sharing some completed projects later this week.  Until then, get messy and let me know if you have any questions.


  1. This was an awesome video and I love how your projects turned out! Hope you have more videos like this! I like the idea of using stencils with watercolour and sprays - thank you for inspiring!

    1. Thank you! Now the pressure is on for more videos. LOL! :) I am busy recording and editing as we speak.

  2. Thank you! That was such an inspiring video. As soon as I have my table cleared off and my powder pigments delivered from Amazon, I know what I'm going to be doing!

  3. Thanks Jeri - great info - I've got Pan Pastel's but don't use very often. I'd also add I have some spray fixative that isn't an aerosol. Works great - called Spectrafix - Pastel Fixative.

    1. Thanks Kathy for that info. I will check it out. I find I turn to PanPastels when I don't want the mess of paint or ink. It is a great substitute.