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January 30, 2017

When One Little Word Becomes Two

One Little Word is a trend I have followed in the past, but never participated in.  (If you don't know what OLW is you can find out more from Ali Edwards.  Basically you pick a word as a focus for the year.  But she has a whole thing....plus a workshop.)  I have never participated....cuz I really don't need one more thing in my life.

I feel like I am always trying to pull things out of my life.  Rather unsuccessfully most of the time.  I grew up in a home where simplicity was exalted and busyness was bemoaned.  It occurs to me now that we all live busy lives.  Whether that is good or bad is my decision.  It is truly a matter of perspective.

This year I had a slight change of heart.  Maybe there was a place for me in One Little Word.  So what word did I pick?

I picked Let Go as my word.  Yes, I know it is two words, but I could not come up with one word that worked.  I thought about simplify, but it is not quite the same thing.  One can simplify a morning routine, but one can only Let Go of blame and regrets.  I will be simplifying some of my routines and purchasing only what I need (read more about this in my 2017 goals) in order to achieve my goals for this year.  But I also want to let go of many of the habits that hold me back.

I found this great list called 10 to Zen.
  1. Let go of comparing.
  2. Let go of competing.
  3. Let go of judgements.
  4. Let go of anger.
  5. Let go of regrets.
  6. Let go of worry.
  7. Let go of blame.
  8. Let go of guilt.
  9. Let go of fear.
  10. Laugh every day. (Especially at my inability to let go. 
  11. I am also adding, let go of expectations, to the list.
I have placed this list at the front of my journal so I can see it every day.   

So that's my word.  I do not plan on take the workshop at this time.  But I do plan to incorporate the word and its sentiment into my journaling and creative life.

Have you picked a word?  Please share your thoughts....I would love to know.

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