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January 09, 2017

I Survived!!!!

Some people love Christmas break.....I survive them.  It is a running joke in my family.  I do OK the first few days, even the first week.  But then I begin my descent into madness.  You see, I crave routine.  Without it, I lose all sense of direction.  But in the madness there is often clarity.

I ended up taken a much longer break than I planned.  Sometimes I know I need a break, but sometimes the break finds me.  Such was the case this time.  I was feeling very restless in general.  Feeling the need for a change in direction.  (In addition, house neglect slapped me upside the head.  Merry Christmas....this year we got a new roof and a new foundation.  UGGG!)

As the days turns into weeks I continued to feel the nagging need to make changes.  Of course it could just be a mid-life crisis, but I could tell it was time to clean house.....and that includes my approach this blog.

A New Beginning

For the past eight years my goals have remained the same.  I am an educator and my goal has always been to share what I know with my readers, students and teachers.  To encourage you to use what you have and inspire you with new techniques and challenges.

But I feel the need for a more personal journey.  Oh, there will still be tutorials, videos and inspiration.  And I have no desire to start sharing recipe and gardening tips.  You are free to yell at me if I start to post fashion and lifestyle tips.

I DO want to dive deeper and share my creative journey with you....in the hope that it will inspire you to do the same.

I DO want to continue to find new ways to use old supplies.

I DO want to share the joys of finding new supplies and techniques.

I DO want to share more of my personal creative journey....both the good and the bad.

I WILL NOT continue with the challenges.  I WILL challenge you to be creative every day and use the beautiful supplies you fill your life with.  But I will no longer be posting a weekly challenge.

I DO want to share how I had creativity to my daily life and why it is so important to do so.

Moving Forward

In the coming days and weeks you will see additional changes to my blog, plus new tutorials and inspiration.  I am so excited to get started.  And I am so happy you will be joining me.....it means more to me than you can possibly know.


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  1. Whatever you have to offer, it is the double cherry on our rainbow of colorsants, & paper & ribbons. Etc.