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January 11, 2017

How to Use Watercolor Pigment Powders

I wanted to start the new year with a fun new tutorial.  I actually started working on this piece wayyyyyy back in November.

If you have never tried pigment powders you are in for a treat.  They are easy to use and the results are AMAZING!

They are officially my new favorite color medium.  (That is until the next one hits my desk.)  They are so much fun that I will be sharing more tutorials in the coming weeks.

Read on to learn more.

Color Burst Powders by Ken Oliver
Watercolor powders are basically micro fine powders that are activated by water.  They contain NO binders, so if you add more water you will active them again.  There are several different brands,but my favorite are the Color Burst powders by Ken Oliver.  They come in 30 different colors including metallic.(I currently have the Brights and Earth Tones and I am totally lusting after the Metallics.)  Once activated you can use them like regular watercolors.  Think salt resists, drips and more.  Where they really shine is using them to create a burst of unpredictable color.  The results as beautiful and totally unique.

Why are they my favorite?  They come in a bottle that has an easy applicator tip.  This makes it easier to control the amount of pigment I apply to the paper.

Video Tutorial
Watch the video below to learn the basics of using this product.  I also use a paper stencil and the results are stunning.  (Quick Note: I recorded the video just after Thanksgiving....and I do reference the time of year.  So happy I am finally able to share it.)

Final Outcome
I LOVE how the stencil looks and can't wait to use it on an upcoming project.  Look for more details later in the week.

If you have been wondering about Color Burst and thinking about purchasing them.....I give them a big thumbs up.  Later in the month I will show you how to make watercolor prints using them.

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