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January 27, 2017

Final 2016 Tag

Last year I set the goal of completing all 12 of the Tim Holtz tags.  I am a bit late with my December tag, but I was determined to finish them ALL.  So much of my life is unfinished tasks, there is always more laundry to do, more food to prepare, more dishes to wash and on and on and on.

It feels great to finish a task.  It feels even better to say I was going to do it and made that a reality.

For this tag I took the over all design, but changed the theme.  Read on to learn more.

12 Tags of 2016-December

  • Surfaces: Burlap Paper and Pattern Paper
  • Tools: Stencil (Tim Holtz) and Stamps (Stitching and Sentiment)
  • Color: Spray Ink (Blue), Black Pen and Ink (Black, Brown and Blue)
  • Other: Embellishments, ribbon and brads

Cut tag from burlap paper.  Lay stencil onto tag and spray with ink.

Don't forget to use up the extra ink left on the stencil.  I transfer the ink to another tag and inside a watercolor journal.  You can find the finished tag at the bottom of this post.

Highlight edges with brown ink.

Stamp edges with stitching stamp.  I normally use my sewing machine but it is being an unruly teenager right now.  Seems I have used too much paper in it and it needs a good oiling.  

Stamp sentiment onto pattern paper and cut into banner shape.  Outline with black pen and layer onto tag with ribbon and brads.

Add embellishments to finish tag.

Birthday tag created with extra tag from this project. One of the birthday tags I want to create this year.

Thanks for stopping by.  I intend to celebrate my success with wine and chocolate or paint and paper, whichever suits my mood.

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