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October 28, 2016

Challenge Halloween!

Holidays always come with so much baggage.  Am I romantic enough for Valentine's day?  (My least favorite holiday.)  Do I cook well enough for Thanksgiving?  (I totally rock Thanksgiving.)  Did I get the perfect gifts for Christmas? (The jury is still out on this one.)

But Halloween seems to escape most of the baggage.  Unless you feel the need to create matching outfits for your entire family.  Seriously?!  (Hoping my sister is not reading this.  And if she is....I totally loved the year you all went as Star Wars characters.  You totally rocked it.)

Last week I shared a new addition to my Big Book of Backgrounds.  Read on to learn what I did with that background.

Challenge Halloween
As you may have guessed, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays....if not my favorite.  I love the colors, the food, the candy.....of course, the candy.  I also love decorating for Halloween.  Each year I try to add something new to the mix.  Time to pull out my latest background and get messy.

  • Surfaces: Wood Plaque, Art Background and Card Stock
  • Color Mediums: Paint (Purple and Black), Walnut Ink, White Ink, Distress Crayons (Black), White Embossing Powder and White Pen
  • Tools: Letter Stamps and Cricut/Celebrate with Flourishes Cartridge
  • Other: Distress Glitter (Rock Candy), Matte Medium and Varnish Medium

Paint wood plaque with purple paint.

Dry brush with black paint.

Add background to plaque using Matte Medium.  Check out this post to see exactly how I created this background.

Highlight edges with Distressed Crayon/black.

Cut images with Cricut and adhere to background using Matte Medium.

Stamp and emboss letters.  Accent with white pen.

Finished Project

Thanks for stopping by and stay crafty my friends.  Your support truly means the world to me.