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October 14, 2016

12 Tags of 2106: October

I love Halloween so I was super excited to see this month's tag by Tim Holtz.

I drooled over the techniques and products he used. (Not really, cuz I did not want to short circuit my computer.  But everyone says they drool over things and I wanted to fit in.)  So I hopped online to find all of the products he used and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  Oh the joy of waiting for new crafty supplies to arrive.  I think it could even compete with the joy of chocolate.  (Yeah right, who am I kidding.....new crafty supplies are way better.)

Ok, back to my fantasy of new crafty supplies arriving at my door.  Wait, what?  This is all a fantasy? ****Sigh*****

So if by 'hopping online to purchase the products he used' you mean 'walked into my studio to find what I wanted to use', then yeah you totally nailed it.  It is a well know fact that I get a huge thrill from using my older supplies.  (Not even sure I had ever used the pumpkin die before.  And it is a Sizzix original.  I probably have had that die for 15 years. OMG....I can't believe I just said/typed that out loud!)

Read on to see my take on the October Tim Holtz tag.


  • Surfaces: Shipping Tag, Patter Paper, Card Stock and Metal Paper
  • Color Mediums: Black Sharpie, Distress Crayons (Black), Black Paint
  • Tools: Pumpkin Die (Sizzix) and Embossing Folder (Sizzix)
  • Other: Glazing Medium, Letter Stickers, Ribbon, Stapler and Pop-Dots

Create collage background.
Cover tag with Crazing Medium.  Add additional black highlights.

Add black highlights.
Use Sharpie to create faux stitching.
Cut out pumpkin die-cuts and emboss.

Layer die-cuts onto card stock and cut out.  Accent with black paint.

Outline faces on pumpkins.

Layer pumpkins onto tag.

Add tag topper.

Add sentiment and/or tag.

Finish Tag

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your support.  It means the world to me.


  1. LOVE your triple jack-o-lanterns! So fun. Great take!

  2. Jeri -- this is marvelous. Your triplets are so cute piled on top of each other. A great take on Tim's October tag. Congrats on you win on his blog!!! -- Mary Elizabeth

    1. what!!!! I did not know, I am going to have to take a look. Glad you liked the tag. :)

    2. You are a winner!!! IT's at the bottom of today's blog post!! Congrats!

    3. I know....super cool. Just emailed them. :)

  3. Love the pumpkins!! Congratulations on your win! Yay!!

    1. Thank you Cathy. Can't wait to see what they send me. I promise to post pics.