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September 14, 2016

New Workshop: Artfully Yours....Enroll today and save!

Artfully Yours

In Artfully Yous we will take popular watercolor, acrylic and mixed media techniques and turn them into one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Time to pull out the paint, ink, Gesso, stencils, stamps and more. Time to get messy and take you cards to the next level.

Read on to learn more.

By the end of workshop students will:
  • Learn how to create an art background.
  • Create five different art backgrounds.
  • Use backgrounds to create a variety of cards.
  • Lesson One:  In Lesson One we will explore how to create an art background.  We will create two watercolor/ink backgrounds, two acrylic mediums/paint backgrounds and one collage background.  We will also discuss how to store and get the most out of your backgrounds.
  • Lesson Two:  In Lesson Two we will turn those art backgrounds into beautiful backgrounds.  Students will learn how to use them as backgrounds for your cards and embellishments and accent pieces.
This workshop includes; video demonstrations, presentations, PDF tutorials, gallery and forum.
Course Start Date: September 15th
Course Length: 2 Weeks

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