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September 20, 2016

Challenge #26.....Favorite Colors

For much of my crafty/artsy life I have been in love with the grungy, vintage look.  I have tons of paper, stamps and ink that fit the grungy style.  But lately it has felt like a worn out coat.

You know, the one at the back of your closet.  It kinda fits and the style is ok, but it is just not working for you.  (Admit it, we all have clothes like that in our closet.)

Time for a wardrobe change.  Time to brighten things up a bit.  My NEW love/obsession is bright, bold colors.

Your challenge this week is to use colors your LOVE!  Read on to learn how I created this bright and fun ATC.

Challenge #26-Favorite Color ATC.
This week I wanted to add a new ATC (Artist Trading Card) to my Project Inspiration wall.  I wanted to make color the star, so I kept the card simple.  Sometimes less is more.  I love how it turned out....one of my favorite cards.


  • Surfaces: Watercolor Paper
  • Tools: Heart Stamp
  • Coloring Mediums: Colored Pencils, Colorless Blender, Ink, Gray Pen and Sharpies
  • Other:  Pencil, Sentiment and Heart Embellishment

Cut paper to standard ATC size: 3.75 x 2.75.  Stamp heart image with waterproof ink.  

Draw and doodle lines onto card.  I created them with a pencil first and then traced it with a pen.

Color sections with colored pencils.

Blend with colorless blender.

Trace lines with matching Sharpies.

Add sentiment and embellishments.

Want to learn more about colored pencils?  Hey....I have a class for that. :)

Your Turn
So what are your favorite colors to work with right now?  Has it changed?  We would love to know!

Until next week.....Happy Moodlings,

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