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July 07, 2016

Yes....your surface really does matter.

June is the month of vacations and this year our family joined the fun.  We traveled to the state of South Dakota (not far from where I grew up) for some down time.

We visited Mt. Rushmore and Devil's Tower.  We even stayed in a cabin with no Wi-Fi or T.V.  That's roughen it for us. :)

But as our week long adventure came to end I found myself longing for home.  This is a normal feeling for me.

Traveling with an autoimmune disease can be an adventure all on its own.  Trying to make sure I get enough rest and eat the right food so that I do not become sick is a full time job....even when I am at home.  Doing it while on vacation should get me some kind of award. :)

So that leads to this week's challenge.....HOME. Read on to see what I created.

But, you are probably wondering about the title.  Yes, we are going to talk about surfaces this week.  In the video below I talk about how important the surface you choose is to the overall success of your projects.  We will even test some papers and techniques. Before we do that, let's talk about supplies.

Supply List:
  • Surfaces: Wood Plaque, Map Paper and Watercolor Paper
  • Color: Prima Oil Pastels, Black Marker, Black Ink, White and Maroon Paint, Inktense Pencils, PanPastels (Black), Embossing Ink and Silver Embossing Powder
  • Tools: Copy Machine/Printer, Stencils (Hearts, Dots and Letters), Background Stamps, House and Tree Stamp
  • Other: Graphite Paper, Gesso, Matte Medium, Pouring Medium, Ribbon, Dew Drops and Sentiment 

Begin by painting or staining wood plaque.  Apply two coats of Gesso to map paper, allow time to dry.  Add color to paper using Prima Oil Pastels.  (This step is covered in the video.)  Adhere paper to plaque using Matte Medium.

Stamp house stamp on to copy paper.  Use copier to enlarge image.  Trace image using graphic paper.  Retrace lines with Sharpie or other permanent marker.  Erase any remaining pencil lines.
*****Learn more about this process HERE.*****

Draw additional lines, giving the house a sketchy feel.
Color image using Prima Oil Pastels.

Stamp background stamps on roof and windows.

Apply embossing ink through heart stencil.  Emboss with silver embossing powder.

Add paint through dot stencil.  Stamp circles with white paint and black ink.  Add lines to the corners with Sharpie.
Using letter stencils, trace the word home using Inktense or watercolor pencils.  Blend with water.  

Stamp tree image onto door.  Cut out house and adhere to background using Matte Medium.

Embellish house as desired.

Add sentiment.  Outline with Inktense pencils and blend with water.  Add Pouring Medium or other dimensional adhesive to tree.  Allow time to dry.

Finished project.

Hey....if you are interested in learning more about using Prima Oil Pastels or other water-soluble crayons, check out my brand new workshop on that topic.

Your Turn

Want to join the challenge? If you post your work to a blog please add a link below.  We promise to stop by.  You can also post it on our Facebook Group.

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  1. This is a fabulous piece! So many awesome parts, love it.

  2. I can't wait to try this! How fun to hear that you visited my home state. I love SD, although I may be a little bias! I sympathize with whatever autoimmune condition you may be living with as I also have autoimmune conditions and just got home from vacation yesterday. Everyday is a challenge. Thanks again for sharing this great project:)

    1. Thank you Jamie. I am happy to hear I have inspired you. :) We had a blast in SD and hope to return again soon.