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July 12, 2016

Crafty Challenge #24: Recycled or Unusual Item + Book Cover

Challenge #24 Recycled or Unusual Item + Book Cover
Hey crafter's! Shirley Pando here for Crafty Challenge #24. In this week's challenge let's use something recycled in or for our project. Maybe you will use a piece of cardboard as a mixed media surface or a kitchen sponge as a tool for dabbing on paint. 

Me? I'm using a surface that is quite unusual for crafting. Tyvek! 

Tyvek is a synthetic product created by the DuPont company. It consists of olefin fibers spun and bonded together using heat and pressure. The resulting material is very strong. It feels similar to paper. It is difficult to tear, but cuts easily with scissors or a knife. Water vapor can pass through Tyvek, but liquid cannot.

Some ways Tyvek is used:
  • Large sheets are used as a house wrap in construction.
  • It has been used on the Space Shuttle.
  • USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail envelopes.
  • Coveralls for mechanics, painters, and laboratory workers as a one-time use disposable garment. 
  • Ultralight backpack and foldable, waterproof city maps.
  • Wristbands for festivals, conventions, and hospitals.
I have several used mailing envelopes stashed in my craft room just waiting for the right project. I think I will stitch some together and make a hand painted tote like this one. But for today's project I made a book cover for one of my junk journals. I like Tyvek for crafting because it feels like paper, but is much stronger. And it doesn't unravel like fabric does. It is totally the best of both worlds.

Check out the book cover I made.

If you would like to learn how to create a junk journal why not join me in my newest online workshop, Lovely Leftovers: Junk Journal Workshop? This is the ultimate craft for reusing and recycling. All course content is open and available to you upon enrollment.

Use up those Tyvek envelopes. It keeps them out of landfills! (P.S. Tyvek is plastic, not paper, so make sure to recycle properly if you won't be reusing it.)

Happy crafting!

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