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June 08, 2016

Spring 2016 Re-Cap

Hey fellow craft lovers.  Shirley and I are taking a bit of break this week as we wrap up the spring semester and get ready for the summer semester.

It seemed like a perfect time to do a quick spring re-cap.  This spring we explored gesso, resists, tape transfers and PanPastels.  We challenged you to use new items, old items and find inspiration in the world around you.  Shirley and I shared our creative goals and accomplishments.  We hope you have enjoyed the journey.

Before we turn our attention to the summer, we have one last challenge for you. This week's challenge is to use a product or technique you love.  

Read on to learn what projects and posts we LOVED from the spring semester.

Spring Re-Cap

The Joys of Gesso

Hey crafter's! Shirley Pando here for another installation of our Tuesday Challenge. This week our challenge is to use gesso in, on, or under a project.

Not sure just how to use gesso? No worries, I'm here to help.

Read More
Big Book of Backgrounds-Vaseline Resist

This week your challenge is to work with the color's of summer.  Maybe blue for water or yellow for the sun or green for grass.  The choice is yours.  What colors do YOU think of when you think of summer?

This week I pulled out my Big Book of Backgrounds, some paint, stencils and stamps.  Read on to see what I created.

Celebrating What's New.....and Mini

This week we have super fun challenge for you. Your challenge is to use that item (or items as the case may be) that entered your craft room/studio last.  

I will admit that I have added quite a few things over the last month.  (I made the mistake of going to Tuesday Morning, which is where I scored the mini die.)  But my favorite purchase has to be the mini stencils from Tim Holtz.  Read more.
12 Tags of 2016

This year I committed to completing all of the Tim Holtz tags for 2016.  I am doing pretty well, I have only missed April.  Which I plan to catch up on next week.

This is my February tag.

I am not a huge fan of the color pink, but it is February so I will make an exception. :)

Read on for instructions.
2016 Creative Goals: Weekly Collage

Hey crafters! Shirley Pando here with an update on my personal 2016 crafting goals. I've challenged myself to create one collage a week this year. I've never taken on such a challenge. Usually I fear I won't do it perfectly so I don't start at all! UGH!

So this year I've decided to jump right in. I've made my goal  realistic...not one collage a day, but one a week. No, these puppies don't have to win awards. We're just getting paper and glue on a support to establish a habit.  Read More

Project Inspiration Update

In 2015 I started Project Inspiration.  It was a fun project meant to help me remember the many products I have in my studio.  The ATC holders serve as constant inspiration as I live my creative life.  It is now 2016 and I wanted to give you a quick update.

Read more about Project Inspiration
Packing Tape Transfer and Kicking Perfectionism to the Curb

Hey crafter's! Shirley Pando here for another Tuesday Challenge. Today's crafty challenge #7 is to try the packing tape transfer in a project.

What, you may ask, does the packing tape transfer have to do with kicking perfectionism? Well, read on, my friends. Read on.

Your Turn
Want to join the challenge? If you post your work to a blog please add a link below.  We promise to stop by.  You can also post it on our Facebook Group.

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by,

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