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June 16, 2016

Crafty Challenge #21-Using Leftovers/Tim Holtz 2016 June Tag

So the Tim Holtz June 2016 tag has posted and I finally have a few minutes to complete my version and post a brand new challenge.

This week I decided I wanted to use one of my leftover tags.  These tag backgrounds are created then I clean up stencils or as classroom samples.  I have a BUNCH of them and finally pulled one out to use.

No doubt you have some of these 'leftovers' too.  Your challenge this week is to use them. 

Read on to see what I created.

June 2106 Tag
I will be honest, I struggled with this month's tag.  While I still love many of the techniques used by Tim Holtz, I have left the world of grunge behind.  I am now drawn to bright and happy.  I am thinking next month I may use the techniques, but go a completely different route on the mood and colors.

Of course that is part of the problem with using someone else's work as your inspiration.  The more comfortable I become in my own style the harder it becomes to copy someone else's.  It's like wearing someone else's clothes.  They may fit, but they just don't feel right.

I did discover one other important thing this month.  I really 'thought' I had a lot of Tim Holtz product.  One thinks that until you sit down to create one of his tags.  YIKES!

  • Surfaces:  Pattern Paper, Deli Paper, Shipping Tag
  • Tools:  Dies (Flower/Tim Holtz), Stamp (Sentiment), Stencil and Sewing Machine
  • Color:  Black Ink and Brown Re-Inker
  • Other:  Ribbon, Washi Tape, Rhinestones, Mod Podge, Metal Flowers, and Sentiment

Use a leftover tag for foreground tag.  This one is leftover from my spray ink workshop.

Apply ink to deli paper using stencil.  Stamp sentiment using same ink.

Mix together Mod Podge and ink.  Use mixture to attach deli paper to foreground tag.

Cut tag with die.

Cut pattern paper to shipping tag size.  Layer tags together.

Add stitching if desired.

Embellish and add sentiment.

Process video
Want to learn more about this week's project?  Check out the video below.....it will walk you through the entire process.

Want to learn more?  
Check my newest Color Inspiration workshop.....Crayons: Gelatos, Distress, Prima and MORE!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck using your leftovers!


  1. I absolutely love that you used the "outline" of the die cut. And purple? I never use purple. Good choice!

    1. Thank you. I actually am using it a bit more. Especially plum.

  2. Beautiful tag! I always think it is fun to do TH Tags with other products in my craft room. More of a challenge!

    1. Thank you....gotta use what we have. :)