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May 11, 2016

Craft Challenge #17-Mix It Up

Welcome to another crafty challenge with Everyday Moodlngs.  This week are going to mix it up a bit....literally.

Two week's ago I use new sugars from Queen & Co.  That got me thinking, could I create my own custom glitter or sugar.

Your challenge this week is to take two products, mix them together and create a whole new item.  Maybe mix paint with Gel Medium or clear embossing powder with glitter.  Or make your own custom glitter.

I pulled out my Distress Glitter (Rock Candy) and alcohol ink.  Keeping reading to see what happened next.

Crafty Challenge #17-Mix It Up Tag
Shirley did a piece for Mother's Day last week, but I was in the mood to stay with that theme this week.  I will add this to my funny tags collection.

  • Surfaces: Shipping Tag, Card Stock and Mixed Media Paper
  • Tools: Stencils (Diamonds, Hearts and Sun Rays) and Stamps (Border and Female)
  • Color Mediums: Custom Glitter (See Video Below), Ink (Blue, Yellow and Brown), Brown Pen and Watercolor Pencils (Black and Blue)
  • Other: Quote, Tissue Tape, Gel Medium, Pop-Dots and Key
This week we have two videos.  The first will walk you through creating custom glitter and the second will give you step-by-step instructions for creating the tag.

Your Turn
Have you ever created a custom supply rather than buying it?  What did you make?  Want to join the challenge? If you post your work to a blog please add a link below.  We promise to stop by.  You can also post it on our Facebook Group.

Happy Crafting,

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