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April 01, 2016

Fly By Friday: 2016 Creative Goals Update - March Collages

2016 Creative Goals - March

Hey crafters! Shirley Pando here with an update on my personal 2016 crafting goals. I've challenged myself to create one collage a week this year. Today I am flying by to share with your my collages made in March. 

Click here to see the collages from January
Click here to see the collages from February

I will admit, creating collages this month (March) was more difficult than it was in previous months. Whether it was from feeling tired from a hard day at the gym, too much on my to-do list (always the case!), or whatever. The only reason I did get these two done was that I had it written on my calendar and I had a goal to complete. OK, this is all I got, people!

Bug collage
Lots of scrap bits!

Swirl collage
A previous class sample with added goodies

OK, so not a lot. Hopefully I'll be doing better next month! How are your creative goals coming along?

"See" ya next time,

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