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April 07, 2016

Don't miss my new stamping workshop.....first lesson starts today!


Sale Ending!  The Endless Possibilities of Stamps.

 If you have been crafting for long, you have no doubt be seduced by stamps.  They come in limitless options, from sentiments.....to alphas.....to outline stamps.....to backgrounds......to borders......to stamps and die sets and so much more!  What is a crafty girl on a budget to do?  Not to mention where would I store all of those stamps....hmmmmm, what to do.

Maybe it is time try a different approach.  Maybe it is time to explore just how much we can do with just a handful of stamps, rather than a roomful. Stamps are truly one of the most versatile tools we own as crafters.  You will be amazed how much you can do with limited options.

By the end of the workshop students will:
  • Learn the basics of stamps including: care, storage, ink, surfaces, types of stamps and how to get a good image.
  • Choose a handful of stamps to complete the course materials.
  • Learn what coloring mediums, from ink to paint, can be used to create a stamped image or color a stamped image.
  • Explore the techniques of resists, masking and heat embossing.
  • Learn how to add texture to your work using stamps.
  • Learn to see the stamp as more than just the whole.
  • Create a sample idea book for future reference.
  • Create a variety of projects based on the techniques learned in this workshop.

See you in the classroom!

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