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March 08, 2016

Tuesday Challenge #9-People

Hi all!  Jeri here with a brand new Tuesday Challenge.  This week are theme is PEOPLE!  People stamps, stickers, die-cuts......whatever you have on hand.

I pulled out a brand new set of stamps that I have been want to work with.  I also grabbed some PanPastels, Rock Candy Glitter and Glazing Medium.

Read on to see what I created.

Shopping ATC
Spring is right around the corner, which means spring break will be here soon.  (Next week for me.)  This means I get to take a break.  Not only from the blog, but also my 'other' full time job....MOM.  My husband and son take their yearly trip next week and I get to relax a bit.  (Not really, I always pack the week full.)

Spring break made me think of shopping.  I will be hitting the garden centers this year.  Need to get some  flowers planted. :)  Shopping became the inspiration for my ATC.

  • Surfaces: Pattern Paper, Mixed Media Paper and Card Stock
  • Tools: Collage Stamp (Hero Arts) and Stencil (Crafter's Workshop)
  • Color Mediums: Pan Pastels, Ink, Aging Chalk,  Embossing Ink and Powder, Black Pen, Black Paint and Dylusions Ink Spray.
  • Other: Heart Embellishment, Quote, Pop-Dots, Glazing Medium and Dry Glitter.

Want to know exactly how I made this ATC?  The video below will walk you thru the process.


Interested in learning more about PanPastels?

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Your Turn!
Will you accept this week's challenge?  Let us know what you are working on and how you will be incorporating people.

Happy Crafting,


  1. adorable card...love the stamp and sentiment!

  2. Thank you! I would say it is one of my favorites....but they all become my favorites. :)

  3. I love your ATC - it turned out beautifully! I enjoyed watching your process! I have a question about your craft mat - could you please tell me more about it? It looks sort of textured but doesn't seem to affect your PanPastel blending. It doesn't look like you have any problems with the corners turning up, like I do with my Tim Holtz/Ranger craft mat. Would you say it's more like the Ken Oliver best ever craft mat? Thanks for your advice...

    1. Thank you! The mat is actually a silicone baking mat. The are a bit cheaper than the craft mats. They have the pros and cons, but I really like it and would probably go that route again. The biggest con is that they grab things a bit (which is sometimes a pro as my work does not move unless I want it to), which can be a pain if I have a lot of small paper pieces to remove.

      I switched mostly because my old one was looking pretty shabby, but also because it is easier to take pics with a bit of a design in the background. Easier for the camera to focus correctly.

      It is heavier than the craft mat and it does not move around at all. The size also works well for my work area. :)

    2. Thanks so much, Jeri! It sounds a bit like the Ken Oliver mat as that grabs things too and the cat hair sticks like crazy (I have 3 cats!). I'm glad I asked - thanks so much!

  4. I am not familiar with this. Are there more details about the challenge? Is there a gallery?

    1. Hi Dorothy. We have been doing the challenges for a couple of years now....but we just started calling them challenges this year. :) Right now you have a couple of options for posting you work. We have a Facebook group (there is a link in the right hand column) or if you have a blog, you can post your work and then post a link here in the comments.

      We are thinking about adding inlinkz in the future to make it easier. Enjoy!

  5. I should have said this this challenge...