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February 09, 2016

Tuesday Challenge #5: Pick Two + RED!

Tuesday Challenge #5: Pick Two + RED!
Hey crafter's, Shirley Pando here once again for another installment of our Tuesday Challenge...#5. Today's crafty challenge is to "Pick Two + RED!" Pick two colors, in addition to red, and create something...anything!

For my project I have used red, along with orange and purple. Not a color combination I normally use, and not a typical Valentine card/gift, but it works.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookmark
This project began when my youngest son of 21 years asked if I would make a bookmark for him and his girlfriend. I stood in his bedroom doorway for a while. I was sort of stumped as no one has ever asked me to make them a bookmark.

With all of the technology around, it sort of caught me off guard that they would want such an "old school" item. (Actually, they are both in college, and they do read "regular" books, so a bookmark is not unrealistic.)

With my unusual silence, and I'm sure an unusual facial expression to boot, he thought I was saying NO to his request. He chirped, "OK, forget it mom!" Wait! I wasn't saying No.  It's just not the kind of request you expect to hear from your kids. Of course I would give  him what he wanted! And I would marry that request with this month's Project Inspiration!

This project also fulfills Jeri's challenge issued on January 26th, to use a product from your stash that has gone unused...or has not been used for some time. I love watercolors, but I don't seem to use them as often as I'd really like to.

Check out the video, below, to see how I translated this week's challenge into a fun and colorful bookmark.

Did you notice how I used gesso on my bookmark? Did you know that gesso can be used for a multitude of things? It's true. If you want to learn more about gesso and how it would be beneficial in your art, check out my upcoming workshop "Understanding Gesso: The Multitasking Medium". Class starts Tuesday, March 8th and I'd love to "see" you there.

Will you accept the challenge? What two colors, in addition to RED, will you use in your crafting this week? Please be sure to share your adventures with us. We love hearing how you translate our challenges.

Until next time...Happy Crafting!

P.S. My very manly son chose "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" bookmark for himself! :-)


  1. Awesome technique and gorgeous bookmarks! Maybe you could show us how to do the packing tape transfer from book paper...

    1. Hi Karen,
      I was actually considering that. I will be posting to the blog again on Feb 23rd, so I'll put it on the calendar for that day. Thanks for the suggestion. See what happens when you ask?? :-)