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February 05, 2016

Friday Fly By! 2016 Creative Goals: Weekly Collage

Friday Fly By January Collages

Hey crafters! Shirley Pando here with an update on my personal 2016 crafting goals. I've challenged myself to create one collage a week this year. I've never taken on such a challenge. Usually I fear I won't do it perfectly so I don't start at all! UGH!

So this year I've decided to jump right in. I've made my goal  realistic...not one collage a day, but one a week. No, these puppies don't have to win awards. We're just getting paper and glue on a support to establish a habit.

With this goal of making one collage a week, I also wanted to clear up the little bits that are left on my table. You know, that stuff that gets pushed into a bowl, or shoe box, in my case. It sits nagging you, on the table, because you don't feel like putting it away...and it's too "good" to throw away...just little scraps of stuff.

In my Collage Adventures workshop we make daily random collages, too. Just paper and glue. Not really thinking or planning what piece goes where. As we create a habit, we also note what we like and dislike about each collage. Maybe you like these two colors next to each other...maybe you like the way this tissue paper is translucent over that bright scrap of patterned paper, and so on. These findings will give you insight into how you may want to create a collage that you DO take your time on. So besides the fact that you get to feel successful at actually making something (YIPPEE!), you can also learn to discover something about yourself and your art.

So without further ado, here are the collages I made in January.

 I have feathers in almost every color...I have to use them!
Pink Feather Collage

 I love skeleton leaves!
5 Collage

Love Collage

This was my least favorite collage until I added a layer of gesso on top! 
Bird Collage

Trust Collage

My original thought was to only use the paper bits on the table, but once I glanced at my white Sharpie marker, there was no turning back. I may not use a marker or coloring tool each month, but I did on a few collages this month.
White Sharpie

Would a collage workshop interest you? If so, check out Collage Adventures.

Share with us how your creative goals are coming along.

Happy Crafting!