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February 02, 2016

Challenge: Hearts

The Challenge

This week's challenge keeps an eye on the upcoming Valentine's holiday.  Even if you don't celebrate the holiday in some grand fashion, I am sure you have some hearts in your stash.

Dig them out and use them on a project.  Heart stamps, stickers, wood veneers, die-cuts, paper, enamel accents and more.....so many options to choose from.

For some time now I have been thinking about subscribing to a Project Life kit club.  I don't do Project Life per say, but I love pocket scrapbooking, so I use all of the supplies.  There are really some beautiful kits available, but I have been unable to hit the subscribe button.  Something keeps holding me back.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the size of my stash and not wanting to add more.  And a feeling that I could use said supplies to create my own cards.  I did have a couple of 'rules' I wanted to follow before I got start.  One, the cards need to be pretty flat as they need to fit into sheet protectors.  And two, they had to be quick and easy.  The great benefit of a club is that it saves you time. If my DIY cards take days to complete, then I am gaining nothing and might was well join a club.

Valentine's Project Life Cards
For this week's challenge I created six Valentine Project Life cards.  I will probably use one or two for this year's album, the rest I will store in my Valentine's section for upcoming projects.

  • Surfaces:  Watercolor Paper
  • Tools: Heart Stamp (Papertrey Ink) and Corner Rounder
  • Coloring Mediums:  Inktense Pencils, Distress Ink and Black Ink
  • Others:  Circle Templates and Heart Brad
  1. Find center of card and stamp heart image.
  2. Draw three circles around heart image.  (My stamp had a circle around it so that was my first circle.  The other two circles are drawn using Inktense pencils.)
  3. Color circles with ink.
  4. Add heart brad.
  5. Round corners.

  • Surfaces: Watercolor Paper
  • Tools: Sentiment Stamp, Heart Template and Corner Rounder
  • Coloring Mediums:  Watercolor Pencils
  • Others: Watercolor Brush
  1. Draw hearts using watercolor pencils and heart template.
  2. Activate color with water.
  3. Stamp sentiment.
  4. Round corners.

  • Surfaces: Card Stock
  • Tools: Heart Stamp
  • Coloring Mediums: PanPastels and Red Pen
  • Others: Versamark Ink
  1. Stamp heart using Versamark Ink.
  2. Color card with PanPastels.
  3. Round corners.
  4. Draw stitching with pen.

  • Surfaces: Card Stock and Pattern Paper
  • Tools: Heart Die and Stamp (Papertrey Ink)
  • Coloring Mediums: Black Ink and Black Pen
  • Others: Heart Embellishment 
  1. Stamp heart image onto card stock.  Outline image with black pen.  (I did not get a full image when I stamped it, but I really liked the look so I kept it.)
  2. Using heart die create a frame overlay from pattern paper.  Layer onto card stock.
  3. Draw stitching around card using black pen.
  4. Add heart embellishments.

  • Surfaces: Card Stock 
  • Tools: Alphabet Stamps and Fiskars Stamp Press
  • Coloring Mediums: Black Ink, Red Misting Spray, Black Pen and Wink of Stella (Clear)
  • Others: Paint Brush
  1. Arrange letter stamps on stamp press. (All of the letters will be random, except for the word LOVE.)
  2. Sketch around letters.
  3. Highlight LOVE with red ink and Wink of Stella pen.
  4. Layer card onto red card stock.

  • Surfaces: Card Stock and Pattern Paper
  • Tools: Alphabet Stamps, Tag Punch, Heart Stamp and Border Die
  • Coloring Mediums: Ink (Black, Red and Blue), Black Pen and Ink of Stella (Silver)
  • Others: Washi Tape
  1. Stamp large alphabet stamps onto pattern paper.
  2. Ink edges of card with red ink.
  3. Punch white card stock with tag punch.  Ink edges with blue ink.
  4. Layer tag onto card.
  5. Cut border with die.  Stamp with heart stamp and outline with black pen.  Color hearts with Ink of Stella silver pen.  
  6. Add washi tape to card.
  7. Add heart border to card.

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  1. Love all your cards Jeri! I am in the same boat about subscribing to a club - too much stuff already that I need to use up. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! And having fun making your own cards.

  2. Hi Jeri, I have bought some P:L kits and, yes they are fast, but they are often not the color I want, etc. I find myself trying to match my pages to the cards, and that isn't always my vision. I have been precutting cardstock to 4x6 and 3x4 and using that. I did buy some lined and gridded cards for journaling as I didn't care for what I tried to make myself. I have only made one album, but I loved how it turned out. I put lumpy stuff on the outside of the pocket (don't use any real lumpy stuff! :) I have aspirations for 3 more scrapbooks this year--we will see. . . I find I like the 8.5x11" size and the pages are interesting--lots of pockets that don't match the premade cards, so I used them for titles, decorations, and sometimes journaling. I also sometimes use an empty page protector and mount stuff on cardstock that just doesn't seem to fit the pocket page concept. For brochures, I used a vertical 4x6 pocket, or cut slits in a page protector. The compromise has worked well for me and may give you some more questions to ponder! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your story....I agree, if I purchased a kit I know some there will be some pieces I will not like. My stash is just too big to keep adding things to it that don't 'fit' my needs.