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January 19, 2016

Why I Use a Paper Planner

New year means new planner and I made few changes this year. I am still loving my paper planner, but I changed brands for a very important reason. Read on to find out what planner I am using and why I LOVE my paper planner.

My planner love continues in 2016. Last year I shared that I had switched back to a paper planner…actually I had a number of planners/calendars and task sheets. This year my goal was to try to combine everything into on single planner. It took some work, but I did succeed at taming my planner obsession!

This is year I opted to use the new Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas. Why switch from my beloved Erin Condren planner? One super important reason…..I can move things around and add pages to my planner. So the Happy Planner is customizable, which I was desperately needing. Being able to customize allowed me to reduce to just one planner. :) In the video below you can see how I customized my planner.

(The stickers I am currently using are from Etsy-Jolani Jolie Designs)

Why I love my paper planner and why I love decorating it.

I see posts on message boards and blogs that often ask the question, why? Why a paper planner when my smart phone can handle the job? Why decorate it with stickers, stamps and more? Those are good questions and I thought I would take the time to offer my answers. (I still love my phone and certain appointments and tasks still end up on my phone simply because my phone is always with me and I can easily access that information.)

The answer lies in my need to be creative. Sitting down and decorating my planner on Monday morning is a creative boost for me. It gets the juices flowing. It also helps me organize my thoughts in a way that my phone (and its small screen) does not. After of weekend of family busyness, I NEED to spend time planning and organizing before my work week begin. This has been an essential part of my day for over a decade now and using a paper planner is just a fun way to complete the process. So that is why I do it…..it is FUN. (I would agree that if I worked for anyone other than myself I would probably not use such a planner. There are perks for being self-employed.)

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Your Turn
Paper or electronic or both? What is your preference?

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