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January 26, 2016

Use Every Stamp 2016

Everyday Moodlings; Use Every Stamp

The Challenge

This week your challenge is to use a product from your stash that has gone unused....or has not been used for some time.

This week's challenge holds a special place in my heart.  It has been my driving force since I started My Creative Classroom and Craft Classes Online.  Helping others use the supplies they spend their hard earned money on.  Read on for my take on this challenge. 

As I thought about this week's challenge I was reminder of a year long challenge I did in 2013....Use Every Stamp.  That project highlighted my effort to use one stamp from each of my stamp sets.  Even from the beginning I know I would not accomplish my goal in one year.  (Turns out have I A LOT of stamps.)  I managed to use a lot of my unused stamps and get them organized in the process.

This year I decided to revisit the project, well, more like continue the project.  I will be using my completed projects to finish my inspiration wall.....more on that tomorrow.

Discover ATC

Everyday Moodlings; Use Every Stamp

  • Surfaces: Card stock and pattern paper.
  • Coloring Mediums: Ink, embossing ink, embossing powder (black and white), string gel and white stain.
  • Stamps: Butterflies (Inkadinkado) and sentiment(magnetic).
  • Other: Prima flowers, brads, flower charms, book label and pop-dots.

Interested in learning more about art mediums like string gel?

Want more inspiration?

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Your Turn
So what tools or supplies do you have in your studio that are gathering dust?  What items have you purchased, but never used?

I will be back in my next post to discuss Project Inspiration in greater detail.  Later in the week we will take a look at options for organizing stamps.

Happy Crafting,


  1. What brand is that cute metal flower charm thingie??

    1. Don't know the brand, I purchased it from a bulk charm site.....a long time ago. I believe the site is http://www.fancifulsinc.com/.

  2. Your ATC project is gorgeous! Beautiful texture! I would like to see more videos of how you are organizing your stamps. Mine are not organized well and I don't even know what I have at this point. It's overwhelming. I would be grateful for more info on your organizational system. Also please show us your wall of inspiration ATCs again. I always thought this was such a brilliant idea.

    1. I will be posting both an update to Project Inspiration and info on stamp storage this week. :)

    2. I will be posting both an update to Project Inspiration and info on stamp storage this week. :)

  3. Great subject!!! I have many stamps that I've purchased and not used either. Some I got and didn't end up liking. Others are either from a set that I only use one or two. But they are pretty well organized. I keep them in plastic see thru boxes. Many are Stamp Scapes sets. All lighthouses are together. All children are together, fences together, tree together, birds and deer together and so on. Most flowers are together, but then there are odds and ends. Working on organizing my dies now. Edna

    1. The number of sets I have that I only used one or two stamps is very long. Maybe next year I will work on using more of those stamps....after I get done with the sets I have NEVER used. Oh, so much stamping so little time. :)