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January 27, 2016

Project Inspiration Updated

In 2015 I started Project Inspiration.  It was a fun project meant to help me remember the many products I have in my studio.  The ATC holders serve as constant inspiration as I live my creative life.  It is now 2016 and I wanted to give you a quick update.

Project Inspiration
I am a visually oriented person.  This means that when I put things away in draws, bins and baskets I often forget about them \ (raise your hand if you recognize this affliction).  But leaving all of my supplies out so I can see them would be a very bad idea.  Even visualizing that is enough to scare me. LOL!

In a effort to shine a light on my hidden treasures I started Project Inspiration.  Each week we chose a new product/tool to highlight as our weekly challenge.  Those challenges became many of the completed ATC cards you see here.

As last year came to a close I realized how much I cherished this project.  It is one of the few places where I create just for me and I see the results every day. It is not a scrapbook tucked away on a shelf or a card I send to a friend or a tag I use to decorate my home or a class sample created for others.  It is just for me.

In 2016 I will be pushing past using the slots to highlight products, tools and techniques.  Instead my work will be based on whatever I feel like doing at that moment.  No pressure, not expectations.....just creating.

Below is my latest addition.

Over the coming months, I hope to fill in my remaining slots and purchase new trays to create a whole new row of inspiration.  Along the way I will continue to share and inspire you to find a space to create just for you.

Project Inspiration is an ongoing project.  You can read more about finding and using what you have here.

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  1. Oh, Jeri', Thank you for sharing your inspiration boards again! This is such a brilliant idea! I love them! And your latest ATC is beautiful!

  2. I don't have room for a project board so I take a photo of everthing I make and watch a sludeshow when I need inspiration. It's amazing how you can forget what you've made inthe past.

    1. That is a great idea....thanks for sharing.