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January 12, 2016

Project Inspiration: From Old Book to Journal - Recycling at its Best!

From Old Book to Journal
Welcome to 2016!

Hey crafter's, Shirley Pando here. Jeri and I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are ready to gear up for another year of crafty inspiration.

January is normally the month for resolutions, organizing, and White Sales, but I'd also like to include recycling in that list. If you have as much stuff in your craft room as I do, then you know its time to sift through the flotsam and jetsam and start using or recycling a few things.

Are you a book lover, like me? No, I'm not talking about e-books or audio books. I mean real live books made of paper. I keep saying that I will never go digital. I just love how a hard book cover feels. I love turning the page and feeling the paper. I even love how a book smells. Am I weird?

While I do love books, I'm not beyond re-purposing them for another use. One of my sisters, a teacher, says I'm destroying perfectly good books. What??!! I beg to differ. These old books, that were probably destined for the garbage, I use for art. That way I can appreciate them even longer after they are repurposed.

There are loads of things you can do with an old book. One such thing I love to do is to turn an old book into a journal.

The Project: Recycle a book into a journal

old book Supplies
  • Old book
  • Craft knife
  • Self-healing mat
  • Decorative papers, heavy
  • Tacky glue or gel medium
  • Piece of thin cardboard
  • Thin ribbon
  • 12 pieces of non-textured cardstock or watercolor paper for inner pages
  • Bone folder or other scoring tool
  • Ruler

This journal originates from a used book. There is no specific book you need to find. Just a book you won't use again that is hard backed and in the size you'd like to use as a journal.

Written Instructions:
Step 1: Choose a hard bound book. I was hoping my boys would like to read The Hardy Boys like I did when I was little....oh so retro. Boy, was I wrong! :-(

Step 2: Remove the pages and spine of the book. If your spine is perfectly good, keep it and just remove the block of pages. The spine of my book was damaged, so I removed it, too.

Step 3: Cover the front and back covers with decorative papers. Do the same for the inside covers.
papered covers

Step 4: Cut and fold the papers for your inner pages.
stack signatures

Step 5: Stack signatures on top of each other and in between the covers of your book. Measure this height and add two inches. This will be the width you need for your spine if you removed yours, too, like me. If the spine of the book was kept intact, insert the the number of signatures that will fit inside the book.

Step 6: If creating a new spine, cut a piece of thin cardboard the height of book by the width of the signatures plus the extra two inches from Step 5. Decorate with paper, as desired.

Step 7: Adhere one inch of the spine piece to the front of the book and one inch to the back of the book.
inside of book with spine attached

Step 8: Attach signatures to spine of book by tying ribbon around book spine and inside fold of each signature.
Insert inner pages through ribbon

Video Instructions:

This journal is just the right size to slip into your purse for list making, journaling about your day, or adding in your favorite quotes and poems.

Looking for more fun with books?   
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The Challenge:
This week join us in this week's challenge by working on a recycled project. Is there anything in your home that can be recycled or re-purposed to give it another life? Check your craft room, garage, or way back in the closets. I bet you can find something! ;-) Make sure to share your results.

Happy Crafting!

(P.S. I'm so excited to report that this past weekend I purged a whole lotta stuff from my craft room. It had been really wearing me down. I feel free!)

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