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December 08, 2015

Project Inspiration: Beautiful Watercolor Gift and Frame

Handcrafted vs. store bought gifts.  That is always the question during the holiday season.  I will be honest, I rarely give handcrafted gifts. Very few people in my life want handmade gifts.  My family is the exception, but until last year, we did not exchange gifts with my extended family.  I occasionally give them to my son's teachers, but that is about it.  Not that I mind....it just leaves more time for scrapbooking. :) Read on to learn what gift I will be making this year.

Last year we decided to draw names with my family, with one important rule.  No lists.....you get what you get.  This year I wanted to make a holiday watercolor piece for my Mom.  Adding it to a frame created a second gift, she can display it during the holidays and then replace it with a photo for the rest of the year. The perfect combination of store bought and handcrafted.  And way better than just giving a frame. 

Project Inspiration: Letter Die-Cuts
In November with focused on various lettering options, but we never got to letter die-cuts.  I knew I wanted to use them for this project, so I dusted off the Cricut and put it good use.

  • Surfaces: Watercolor Paper (140lb Cold Press)
  • Color Mediums: Twinkling H2Os and Black Pen
  • Tools: Cricut (Letters-Ashley's Alphabet)
  • Other: Foam Board, Painter's Tape, Brushes and Frame
  1. Cut watercolor paper to fit frame.  Tape watercolor paper to foam board or other hard surface.  I ripped my tape to give it a torn look.
  2. Trace around letters, overlapping the letters if desire with black or grey pen.  Remove die-cut letters.
  3. Apply color to watercolor paper using a wet-on-wet color wash.  Be careful to not color the letters.  Allow time to dry completely.  (Subscribe to our videos to learn more about this technique.)
  4. To better define the letters, sketch around each letter with a thin black pen.  Adding more ink as needed.
  5. Carefully remove tape and add image to frame.

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Your Turn
Do you make handcrafted gifts?  If you do, please share what you are making this year.  We would love to know what you are planning on making this holiday season.


Happy Crafting!


  1. Love your beautiful creation! Great colors! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. :)