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December 07, 2015

Baskets, Bundles, and More! - A Gift for your Artsy Friend

Gift Bundle for your Artsy Friend

Hey crafters! Shirley Pando here with a special holiday installation for Project Inspiration. Let's talk gift giving...specifically Gift Baskets, Bundles, and More!

Want to send a lovely gift to your artsy friend?I've got a wonderful idea for you. It is waiting in your craft room. You know, that room with way too much stuff? You can barely see the floor. Yeah, that one! ;-)

Check out the video below, to see my ideas for gifts, container, and packaging for a wonderful gift for your artsy friend. This would be a fun way to "get rid of stuff" while sending a useful and lovely gift to a friend who loves the same things that you do!

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What's in your crafty stash that you could "gift" to your artsy friend? Come on...you know you've got more than you need! ;-)

Happy gifting!

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