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November 12, 2015

My Favorite Inks

Earlier this week I confessed my new love of letter stamps.  Which leads to an important decision.......what ink?  Hmmmmmm, so many options.  Some inks are great for letter stamps and some not so much.  (Yes, Distressed Ink I am talking about you.)  So what are my favorite inks?  Read on to learn more.

I am lucky to have a wide variety of inks to choose from and I tend to use them for different things. Some I use for stamping and some for coloring. Some that work on any surface and some that blend beautifully.   What do I reach for the most?

Archival Ink by Ranger

One of my favorite all around inks.  Great to stamping both images and letters.  It is waterproof and gives a crisp image.  The only downside is that it does not come in a large array of colors.

StazOn Ink

This is a solvent based ink that can be used on almost any surface.  It is my go to ink for sentiments and letters.

It's big downside is the smell and the color choice is not great.  But I mostly use black, grey and brown when using StazOn.

Distress Ink by Ranger

Truly one of my favorite inks.....but not for stamping.  I think it does great for images, but it bleeds to much for sentiment, outline or letter stamps.

I generally use Distress Ink for coloring and not stamping.  Hard to find a downside for this ink. :)

VersaMagic Chalk Ink

I LOVE chalk ink.  It stamps beautifully on both images and letters/sentiments.  It colors, edges and blends beautifully.  I am pretty much obsessed with ink the edges of my projects.  And this is the ink I reach for to do the trick.

Lawn Fawndamentals

When I started to 'collect' letter stamps I really didn't have very many color inks to choose from. I have black, but I don't want all of titles to be black.  So I check out a few other options.

I am quite impressed with Lawn Fawn ink.  It stamps beautifully and the colors are gorgeous.  
Umbrella Crafts Ink

This is the new house brand for scrapbook.com.  They were on sale recently and I could not resist giving them a try.  They did pretty well, a bit blotchy, but the sentiment looked great.  And I purchased them mostly for sentiments and letters.  I do LOVE that they are waterproof.  That is a big pro for me.
Memento Dye Ink

There are not many inks from Tsukineko that I do not like......their chalk ink and StazOn already made the list. They simply make great ink.

Memento ink stamps well for both images and sentiments/letters.  It also works great for coloring.

So that is my list.  Of course I have other inks in my stash.  I have Prima, Papertrey Ink, Colorbox and a few others. And there are a number of inks I have never tried.  The seven inks listed above are my favs.  I reach for them over and over again.

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Your Turn
So what are your favorite inks and why do you love them?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Jeri, Have you tried VersaFine by Tsukineko? I love their black ink...my fave for sentiment stamping.

    1. No I don't have any inks from the VersaFine line....except for VersaMark. But you know how I LOVE Tsukineko, so I may have to give it a try. :)

    2. I like that one as well, and you can also watercolor with it, which adds to its versatility!