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November 10, 2015

Goodbye Letter Stickers......Hello Letter Stamps

Last week Shirley discussed letter stickers.....and I must admit I am soooooo over letter stickers.  I have some that are over 15 years old. They still have letters on them, but not enough to actually complete a title or even a word.  Why I still keep them is a mystery to me.

And styles come and go so quickly I can't even buy replacements for the fonts I do have. UGGGGG!  It is enough to drive a crafter crazy.  So what did I do?

I opted to rekindle my love of letter stamps.  (OK, I really did not love them that much the first time around. I was more of a stencil girl.)  I had a few from years ago, stuck in a dusty drawer.  I stopped using them because they can be hard to line up and I was spending most of my crafty time card making.  Now that I am back scrapbooking, I decided to see what options were available.  And I was amazed at the styles and sizes available.  That led to a bit of a shopping spree. :) 

I now have small circle and square punches so lining them up is not such a big deal.  (Lawn Fawn stamps are great for this as they are cut into squares.)  There are even matching stamps and die sets......instant stickers! Where have these been all of my life?

Free, free at least.  I am no longer stuck with sheets of random letters and are completely useless to me.  No longer waiting for sales to stock up.  No longer only using black letters, since most of the other colors are not my style.  Now I can make them whatever color I want.....the possibilities are endless.

Project #1-Joy Card
I just realized that, while I am collecting letter stamps to use while scrapbooking, all of my projects this week are cards.  And I used black ink.  Old habits die hard. :)

For Projects 1 & 3 I ghosted my images. I used a Wink of Stella brush to add a bit of shimmer.....LOVE that thing.  I included a quick Snapguide for Project #2.  You can learn more about how I made each card by subscribing to our videos.  We will send it right to your inbox. 

Project #2-Joy Card
For the second card I used the same color blocking technique, but I went more traditional with the letter stamping. 

I used Distress Ink and an acrylic block to make my watercolor squares.  You can learn more about watercolors in my latest Color Inspiration Workshop

Project #3-Merry Christmas Card
For my final project....I ditched the letter stamps and used a foam tree border stamp to create my ghosted image.

There's a Video? You Bet Ya! 

Looking for even more inspiration? I know, I know that is a silly question.  Who doesn't want tips and ideas for using our crafty supplies. 

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Your Turn
Letter stickers or stamps.....which do you love?

Happy Crafting,

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