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October 14, 2015

New Workshop! The Designer's Toolbox: Texture

Early Enrollment Special!
Enroll today and save $5. Price will increase to $20 on October 16th.

When one hears the word texture......most people think bulk.  But does it need to be lumpy bumpy?

As a design principle, texture is defined as something we can feel or touch in our design.  But can we visually create a feeling without touching?

Texture is meant to add appeal, interest and depth to a design.  It can take a 'flat' project and make it pop.  Join me as we explore the world of texture.

By the end of the workshop, students will:
  • Have a clear understanding of what texture is and why it is important to over all design.
  • Add texture to their designs without adding bulk.
  • Create a variety of textures using acrylic mediums and paint.
  • Learn ways to add texture using a variety additives and embossing techniques.
  • Receive a workbook to keep ideas and samples for future reference.  
  • Create a variety projects using the techniques learned during the workshop.
Course Syllabus
  • Lesson One: Texture Theory and Texture Without Bulk
  • Lesson Two: Texture Through Acrylic Mediums and Paint
  • Lesson Three: Texture Through Additives and Embossing 
The course will include a variety complete projects including tag art and cards.  Techniques can be used a on a wide variety of paper crafting projects. 

Classroom includes: presentations, video demonstrations, PDF tutorials, forum and gallery.

Course Start Date: October 15th
Course Length: Three Weeks

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