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September 08, 2015

Project Inspiration: Stencils

Hello Crafters! Shirley Pando here for another installation of Project Inspiration. This week it's all about another awesome tool...stencils. Stencils are super-hot and trending in the crafting world right now. Look at most any craft-related or art-related YouTube video or Pinterest post and you'll see what I mean. I try desperately hard not to get dragged into trends. Yeah, right! ;-) 

The stencil is an amazingly versatile tool. You can use stencils with paper crafting, mixed media, scrapbooking, altered arts, fabric, home decor, and pottery (yes, I saw a YouTube video about beautiful stenciling on pottery!) The stencil is probably my all time favorite tool. In fact, just recently, I sat down to count my stencils and masks. Want to know how many I have? Oh I am so embarrassed!

Here's the count of stencils by type that I have in my stash.

Metal Stencils
All of these are from Dreamweaver Stencil (Now owned by Stampendous). My total = 7

Metal Stencils

Purchased Plastic Stencils
These include some of my favorites from The Crafter's Workshop, but also include several styles of lettering templates I've had for ages and also a set of children's stencils. My total = 62.

Purchased Plastic Stencils

In this category I have also lumped my Glimmer Screens, counting each one in the packages.

Glimmer Screens

These are pretty old (but perfectly good!) masks back from when Heidi Swapp was with Advantus. My total = 7.

Heidi Swapp Masks

Stencils from Leftovers, Punch Outs, and Die Cut Trash Yes, trash. The stuff you would be throwing away I use as a stencil. There, I've said it. I am not too proud and I am not beyond fishing stuff out of the garbage. Been there, done that! :-) My total = 20.

Hand Cut Stencils from Chipboard
I love creating my own stencils, most often from magazine images and page layouts. I demonstrate my hand cut stencils in two of my workshops, "Art Journaling for the Non-Expert" and also "Stencils: Color, Texture, and More!". My total = 5.

Handmade Stencils using the Cricut
If you have a Cricut, or most any other type of die cutting machine, there is a multitude of stencils you can create. Many Cricut cartridges have creative features that, if you take a good look at them, are stencils. My favorite images are from the "Edge to Edge" cartridge. I literally cut one of every single image from that cartridge. But even if you don't own that one, check your cartridge booklets...you'll be surprised! 
My total...oh, goodness...here's where the numbers REALLY get embarrassing...a whopping 139.

Cricut Stencils

drum roll, please.....Grand Total = 220!
Uh oh. I just remembered that I made some more stencils this past weekend for the new workshop (see below)...my total is going up! UGH!

So let's get on with the project...

Project Inspiration: Stenciled Background Greeting Card

Butterfly Card

Supplies: Paper, Card stock, Folded Card Blank (5" x 7"), Stencils (The Crafter's Workshop and handmade), Paint (Ranger's Distress Paint in Broken China and Brushed Pewter), Crayons (Crayola Metallic FX), Makeup Sponge, Stamp (Dawn Houser for Inkadinkado), Ink (Versafine in Onyx Black) , Patterned Paper (Teresa Collins "Tell Your Story"), Embellishments (Teresa Collins "Tell Your Story") , Transparency (unknown), Foam Dots

There's a video for that? You bet ya!

Looking for even more inspiration? I know, I know that is a silly question.  Who doesn't want tips and ideas for using our crafty supplies. 

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Want to see more techniques and make your own DIY stencils? Come join us for

Stencils: Color, Texture, and More!"Stencils: Color, Texture, and More!" with Shirley Pando and Jeri Parks 

Stencils are probably one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal.  Yet, we often undervalue this tool.  Relegating it into the background.  Join Jeri and Shirley as we explore the world of stencils. Along the way, we will explore DIY stencils, using stencils to add color and texture, masks, how to make the stencil a star of the show and, of course, backgrounds.  We will walk you through each project/technique step-by-step with videos and tutorials.

By the end of the workshop students will:
  • Learn how to care for and store their stencils.
  • Create DIY stencils and masks from a variety of materials.
  • Learn the difference between stencils and masks.
  • Use stencils to add color to their projects.
  • Use stencils to add texture to their projects.
  • Learn reverse stenciling techniques.
  • Use stencils in the foreground to create scenic effects.
  • Discover just how versatile stencils can be.  
Course Syllabus
  • Lesson One-The Basics:  Shirley will discuss the basics of stencils...their use, care, and storage ideas. She will also show you several ways to create your own stencils from a variety of materials.  
  • Lesson Two-Color: The options for using stencils to add color is almost endless.  From paint, to ink, to misting sprays to Gelatos to watercolors and more.  In this lesson we will focus on wet color mediums.  Jeri and Shirley will create numerous backgrounds using wet color mediums.  Once the backgrounds are dry we will show you, step-by-step, how to them into finished projects. 
  • Lesson Three-Color:  Our color journey continues with dry coloring options. We will explore chalk, pan pastels and/or color pencils.  In this lesson Jeri will show you how to use stencils to create foregrounds.
  • Lesson Four-Texture:  Whether flat or bumpy, texture is an essential design element.  In Lesson Four we will use stencils to add texture to our projects.  We will explore art mediums, embossing, and more.
Projects for this workshop include cards, tag art, canvas art and art journaling.
Course Start Date: September 17th
Course Length: 4 Weeks/4 Lessons 
Early Enrollment Special! Enroll today and save $5.   
(Price will increase to $25 on September 18th)

Your Turn
Time to confess...just how many stencils and masks do you own? (Please, somebody, have more than me!!)

Happy Crafting,


  1. Sorry, I don't have more but I have a lot! You beat me with that Cricut blitz. I'll have to work on a homemade stash,

    1. LOL! Sorry, I wasn't trying to be the one withe the most stencils, but I thought it was rather funny how many I actually have! What's really funny is that I feel a big need to purchase more! :-( Note to self: don't buy stencils, don't but stencils!!

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