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September 07, 2015

NEW! Collage Adventures with Shirley Pando. Enroll today and save!

Save $5 on Early Enrollment price. Price will increase to $25 on September 9th.

Are you a sucker for a gorgeous piece (or pack) of paper? Are your prettiest ones so precious that they get hoarded and never see the light of day? Maybe you have patterned paper, text pages, printed images, old maps, tissue papers, hand painted or hand stamped pages. And maybe, just maybe, that’s just scratching the surface. GASP! So what is that paper collector to do? Why, create collages, of course!

If you have TONS of paper, or you just happen to like it a lot, you must join me in Collage Adventures! This 3 Week/4 Lesson workshop will focus on creating collages using paper and glue, but we will also add in a bit of fabric or trim, paper crafting embellishments, and/or whatever is lying on your craft table…or on the floor! Be prepared to use up your stash of goodies!

In this class students will:
  • Learn the basics of how to collage.
  • Learn which adhesives and papers work best.
  • Learn to keep a notebook for daily warm up exercises. You gotta stretch your collage muscles!
  • Take a virtual field trip to view works from various past and present collage artists. Learn what styles or materials they use that make your creative heart sing.
  • View loads of the instructors collage examples.
  • Create several themed collages.
  • Create several styles of master board collages for cards.
  • Learn to add hand and/or machine stitching details to paper.
  • Learn to create visual interest with layered papers, embellishments, and textural items such as tissue, image transfers, and crackle or other acrylic medium.

Lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction; What is Collage; Materials: Glues, Papers, Supports; Virtual Field Trip: Finding What Speaks to You
  • Lesson 2: Warm-Up Notebook: Daily Life Collages and Self-Critique
  • Lesson 3: Themed Collages
  • Lesson 4:  Collaged Cards with Stitched Details

Course Start Date: Tuesday, September 8th
Course Length: 3 Weeks/4 Lessons

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