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September 25, 2015

Big Book of Backgrounds: Watercolor Blooming

I have a brand new Big Book of Backgrounds post.  I have been in love with watercolors lately.  I wanted to try making a background using a blooming technique.

Let's see how that turned out?


Watercolor Bloom Background
For me, the best part about this background is that I am just adding color and allowing it to go where it wants to go.  This means I could repeat the process a hundred times and each page would be different.  

  • Watercolor Paints
  • Brushes
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Water
  • Ink Pad (Brown to age the page.)
  • Stamps and Ink

Interesting in learning even more about watercolors?  Check out my newest Color Inspiration workshop.

The Big Book of Backgrounds is an ongoing series.  You can see more backgrounds here.  Plus check out my Pinterest Board dedicated to backgrounds.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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