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August 11, 2015

25 Ways to Use Eyelets

This week we are exploring another attachment embellishment…..eyelets and/or snaps. But only using eyelets to attaching elements is limiting the value of this element. I came up with a total of 25 ways to use eyelets and that barely scratches the surface.

Eyelets hit the market in a big way about 10 years ago. They have been used in sewing for years, but it took a while for them to make an appearance in the paper crafting world. First brought to us by Making Memories, they can now be find in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. I am sure you have a few in your stash....probably gathering a little dust.

While I use brads on a regular basis, I hardly ever use eyelets. So yes, they are gathering dust in my craft room. The horror of it. :)

25 Ways to Use Eyelets
  1. Attaching Vellum
  2. Accent Journaling Blocks
  3. To “hang” things from.
  4. Flower centers.
  5. Corners of a photo mat.
  6. Nails in a fence.
  7. Buttons on a snowman.
  8. Attach elements on a page by wrapping wire or fiber.
  9. “Bullets” for a list of things.
  10. In the hole of a tag.
  11. Decorations on a Easter egg.
  12. Center of a pinwheel.
  13. The “dot” on an i or j.
  14. Decorations on a Christmas tree.
  15. To add texture.
  16. To outline or fill in a shape.
  17. To attach fibers or lacing something together.
  18. To create a gate fold card.
  19. Sprinkles on an ice cream cone or cupcake.
  20. Borders
  21. Flight trail of a butterfly, bee or bird.
  22. Holes in die cut letters.
  23. Creating movable parts.
  24. To create binding for a mini-album.
  25. As punctuation.
 Project Inspiration: Eyelets
I chose #15 and #10 for my project. I must admit that I am feeling a bit of summer fatigue. I have said I would post what I make, even when it does not turn out the way I planned. That is the case this week. This project looked sooooooooo much better in my head.

But since I have hit a bit of a creative block, I am sticking with it. I know in a few weeks, when I get back on a regular schedule, this will pass. My brain struggles without a routine…..I hope I am not the only one. :)

Supplies: Pattern paper, tag, eyelets, snaps, paint, foam flower stamp, writer paint, ink, sentiment stamp, embossing ink and powder, pop-dots and ribbon.

  1. Cut pattern paper to ATC size. (2.75”x3.75”)
  2. Use foam stamp and paint to stamp flowers on to ATC. Allow time to dry.
  3. Add snaps or eyelets to flower centers.
  4. Outline flowers with writer paint. Allow time to dry.
  5. Cut tag to fit ATC, if necessary.
  6. Stamp sentiment and emboss.
  7. Use ink to add color to tag.
  8. Attach tag to ATC using pop-dots.
  9. Add ribbon to tag.
  10. Ink edges of ATC.

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So that is my list...now it is time to share yours. What is your favorite way to use eyelets.


  1. I think this card looks just fine. :-) I like the colors in the flowers and that they sit on top of the script.

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I do agree that I like that you can see the script through the flowers. The only thing I would have changed was the black paint. I would have used a pen to outline the flowers instead. But once you add the paint there is no going back. :)

    2. I LOVE the paint. It gives it a little bit of a mod look!

  2. i love your ATC. It looks great! I have a Crop-A-Dile that I've been wanting to use. Thank you for all the idea's.

    1. Thank you and have full playing with the Crop-A-Dile.