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August 18, 2015

10+ Ways to Create with Buttons!

10+ Ways to Create with Buttons
Hey Crafters, Shirley Pando, here!

Did you ever play "Button, button...who's got the button?" As a kid it was one of my favorite games to play with my three sisters while my mom was busy sewing. You grab the biggest button from the button box and hide it! When everyone comes looking for it you lead them to it by saying, "Warmer" or "Colder" as they walked toward or away from it's hiding place. We could play it for hours, and probably did! Oh such wonderful memories! Check out some of these great ways to buttons in your crafting.

(Ready to see just how much I love Pinterest???)

#1: Make a Button Bookmark
Check out this cute idea from iheartnaptime.net.

#2: Fill a Stamped Image
Oh so adorable! This one's from heartshugsandflowers.blogspot.com. You can get a similar look by gluing your buttons inside a cut image, like I did with the card below.

Heart Card

#3: Use the Button as Part of the Design
I love the buttons used as hot air balloons in this pin from Randomcreative.hubpages.com. Or this one with the buttons as flowers by my stampingaddiction.blogspot.com. Or this adorable stitched design by rubymurraysmusings.blogspot.ca.

#4: Create a Mosaic
I love the grid mosaic of this card! I am such a straight line kind of gal. I love order and grids, so this one is right up my alley! (Straight lines are my happy place!)

#5: Add Wire and Make Little Bicycles
Yes, I'm serious. Cuter than cute! How do people come up with these??

#6: Use Fancy Buttons as Stamps
Use the top of the button as a handmade stamp. Here's another one. Or add a few to a piece of foam core to create a larger stamp. I have used buttons as stamps in a similar manner in my workshop, The Art of the Gelli Plate. (This workshop begins on Tuesday, August 11th! Register now for the early enrollment price!) Here's one of the cute buttons I have used as a stamp, below. Hold on to the shank, press into your painted Gelli plate, and print away!

Button as Stamp

#7: Use Buttons as the Center of Flowers
OK, so this idea is not that unique, but you have to admit these flowers look pretty darn cute

#8: Layer Them in Embellishments
Simple, yet stunning!

#9: Add Them Into Your Design
In the card, below, I've just added a few mini buttons as ornaments to the Christmas tree. What? Christmas already? Unfortunately, it is true. Not that I dislike Christmas...I love it. But didn't I just take down the tree from last year?

Tree card

#10: Create a Shape with Buttons

Button Tree #2

#10+: What Else Can You Do With Buttons?

Check out all of these pins and more on my personal Pinterest Button board.

And now for a real treat! If you get bored one rainy day, head on over to the Button Art Museum's Pinterest Boards. You MUST check it out...you will not be disappointed! From craft ideas to artwork to fashion. It's absolutely amazing!

There's a Video? You Bet Ya!

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So tell me...what are a few of your favorite or most unique ways to use buttons?

Happy crafting!

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