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July 28, 2015

Love it or hate it.....spray ink is a highly versatile product.

Spray ink is one of those products it is easy have a love/hate relationship with. 

While it is a bit messy and crazy, I believe it is one of the most versatile products we can have in our stash.

Why?  Keep reading to find out. :)

What is spray ink?
Spray ink (or misting spray) is really a simple solution.  At its simplest it is waster and ink.  Some include alcohol in the mix to decrease the drying time.  Spray ink comes in an array of styles and colors.  You can easily find a spray ink to fit your needs, or you can make it yourself.

Is there any different between the brands?
Yes!  Some have a shimmery finish thanks to the addition of mica.  Some are permanent, some are not. (Dylusions ink spray is so reactive to water, all you have to do is think about water and it starts to run.)  Each of the spray bottles are slightly different in how they disperse the ink. (And let's not even get into clogging spray bottles.) Bottle size runs from kind of small to enough to paint the house....and everything in between.

What can you do with spray ink?
A better question is what CAN'T you do with spray ink.  It adds instant color to paper products.  It is a match made in heaven with stencils.  It can be used to color stamped images (see video below) and it can be used to color art mediums and more.

What are the cons of spray ink?
The biggest con?  It is messy!  I mean really messy.  I generally use a short cardboard box as a spray booth.  (I have ruined one too many projects from over spray or simply spraying in the wrong direction.)  The second con is that because it is a wet product it will warp your paper, like all wet mediums.  At the end of the day, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Fun Technique Alert
One of my favorite ways to use spray inks is to activate Gelatos or watercolor pencils.  The video below shows you how you can achieve beautiful results using this technique.

Project Inspiration: Spray Ink
I completed the base for this tag in my last Big Book of Backgrounds episode.

Supplies:  Spray ink, Gelatos, backgrounds stamp, white embossing powder and ink, ink, stamps, circle punches, pattern paper, tissue tape, ribbon, enamel accents, quote and embellishments.

Steps to Complete Tag
  1. Create tag background using spray ink as watercolor paint.  You can see how I created my background HERE.
  2. Stamp and emboss tag with background stamp.
  3. Stamp circle stamps on watercolor paper and emboss. Cut out stamped images with circle punches.  Color images with Gelatos and misting sprays. (See videos above.)
  4. Print and cut out quote.  Outline with black pen and color with ink.
  5. Add tissue tape and ribbon to left edge of tag.
  6. Add circle elements.
  7. Add quote.
  8. Add embellishments as desired. 
Interested in learning more?
If you enjoyed this technique, check out my new workshop-Color Inspiration: Spray Ink.

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Your Turn
Do you love or hate misting sprays?  What is your favorite brand?  Thanks for sharing, your fellow readers will enjoy your responses. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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    1. I love spray mists. Lol! My favorite brand is DIY. I had problems with clogging using Perfect Pearls in a mister when I added it to water. Then I discovered window cleaner solves that problem. Sometimes I spray using a mister and other times I use my air brush. You can even thin acrylic paint with window cleaner to make your own color mist. Just remember to immediately clean the tube and nozzle. Have fun misting!