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June 22, 2015

The Basics of Acrylic Mediums: Applicators and Brushes

Applicators for Acrylic Paints and Mediums

When we think about painting we usually think about brushes to apply paint. But there are many other tools you may have lurking in your craft room that you can also use to apply paint or acrylic mediums to your journal, canvas, paper, or other substrate.

Today I'm sharing one of the videos from our BRAND NEW online workshop, "Mastering the Mediums" with Jeri Parks and Shirley Pando.

Come join us for class if you are even the slightest bit confused about acrylic mediums and how to use them. We'll set you straight so you can become a real master! ;-)

Now on with the show!!

The Basics: Brushes and Applicators for 
Acrylic Paints and Mediums

Make sure to check out the BRAND NEW online workshop...now open for enrollment...

"Mastering the Mediums" with Jeri Parks and Shirley Pando
Mastering the Mediums online workshop

Acrylic mediums can be so confusing. There are so many to choose from: Gel Medium, Fluid Medium, Gesso, Crackle Paste, Molding Paste, matter, glossy, etc. What are they for? Which should you use?Which brand is best? Can something else be substituted? Can someone just cut to the chase and speak in plain English?

If you are confused by the many mediums available, have no fear. Shirley Pando and Jeri Parks are here to help you make sense of a most confusing subject. Come learn what each type of medium is for and which you may want to use in your next mixed media project (or card or tag or scrapbook page).

Over four lessons, we will demonstrate the pros and cons of 13 different acrylic mediums, additives, paint, and applicators. We will explain how to use each product, now to apply it to various surfaces, possible substitutions for the product, and share our experiences with them.

Please Note: We understand that most students will probably not have on hand all 13 of the mediums we will be using for this workshop. When purchasing new items, we encourage you to start with "The Essentials" first, as noted on the supply list. As the class progresses, you can decide which additional mediums you would like to purchase.

Course Start Date: June 25th
Course Length: 4 Weeks/4 Lessons
Price: $30 Early enrollment price. Price will increase to $35 on June 26th.


  1. I enjoyed this! Thank you, Shirley! I think the class sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks. We are having fun creating with the mediums. :-)