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June 15, 2015

The Basics-Acrylic Paint

Everyday Moodlings-Acrylic Paint
Acrylic paint is one of most versatile craft items we can have in our studios.  But spend any time in an arts and crafts store and it can quickly become overwhelming.

What does heavy body mean?  What is the difference between craft paint and art paint?  Why is there such a big difference in prices?  Why does every designer under the sun now have their own paint line? (Well.....I think we know the answer to the last question. LOL!)

So let's take a closer look.

Just like acrylic mediums, acrylic paints come in a wide range of colors and types.  From inexpensive craft paints to high dollar artist grade paints.  What's a crafter to do?  Well.....continue reading of course! :)

The video below is an intro to acrylic paints and answers the follow questions:
  • What is an acrylic paint?
  • What is the difference between artist grade and student grade paints?
  • What is a heavy body paint?
  • What is light-fastness?
  • What is opaqueness vs. transparency?
  • What is the difference between natural and synthetic pigments?
  • How do craft paints compare to art paints?
  • What are the best brands?
  • What are the downsides to purchasing 'cheap' paint?
I will also show you examples of different types of paint so you can see them.  You will get to see them both wet and dry.

Warning: This video is a bit long. Hey! I had a lot to share. I did a quick recap below for your reading pleasure.

Acrylic Paint Overview

What is an acrylic paint?
Acrylic paint is the same an acrylic mediums....with the additional of pigments.  So acrylic paints are a combination of water, polymers (binders), chemical emulsifiers and pigments. 
What pigments do they use?
There are two kinds of pigments used: natural and synthetic. High quality, artist grade paints use natural pigments, which is part of the reason they cost more.
Student grade paints and craft paints use synthetic pigments to help lower costs.  
Why are their different prices for artist grade paints?
Artist grade paints are often different prices for the same size tube......the only difference is the color.  It is the color that determines the cost.  Artist grade paints rely on natural pigments and they can differ in price based on the pigment used.
What is a student grade paint?
Generally speaking, student grade paints have the same base as artist grade paints, they just rely on synthetic pigments to keep their prices low.  
Some very low cost paints are available, but generally rely on extenders to fill the bottle.  This can effect for the stability and light-fastness of the paint. 
What does heavy body mean?
Heavy body refers to the viscosity of the paint.....or how thick it is.  Heavy body paint is very thick and holds its paint strokes well.  Medium viscosity or high-flow paints are thinner and don't hold paint strokes.  They are great for backgrounds. 
How does craft paint compare?
Craft paint is still acrylic paint.  They rely on synthetic pigments to reduce cost.  They are generally high flow with a matte finish.  Craft paints come in a wide variety of colors, making them an excellent choice for most crafting projects, including paper crafting, art journaling and even mixed media pieces. 
Interesting in learning more?
Still have questions about paint?  Like how to mix them with acrylic mediums?  Or how to properly mix paint with water?  Or what about the newest paint craze.....matte paints!  For answers to those questions and more join us for Mastering the Mediums.

Over four weeks we will explore 13 different mediums and additives. In addition we will also discuss paint, applicators and brushes. Class starts on June 25th.

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