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June 30, 2015

Project Inspiration: Falling in Love with Watercolor Pencils.....AGAIN!

Everyday Moodlings-Inktense Watercolor Pencils

One of the wonderful things about working with all of my supplies, including the older ones, is that I remember why I fell in love with them in the first place.

That would be very true of this week's topic....watercolor pencils.  Most crafters have these in their craft rooms, from way back when.  So let's pull them back out and remind ourselves why when just HAD TO HAVE them. 

Before we begin I have two quick disclaimers. 

  1. I have both my husband and my son in the house this week.  So if my wit and creativity seem a bit off.....well, cut me a little slack. Who knew to people could be soooooo time consuming. :)
  2. I actually do not own watercolor pencils.  GASP!  I know, how can that be true?  I actually donated my to the daughter of a friend who was saving up money to buy a set....and mine was gathering dust.  
So what will I be using this week?  Inktense pencils by Derwent.  Inktense pencils are vibrant water-soluble ink pencils. (Or at least that is what the label says.) What I know for sure is that the colors are rich and vibrant.  They dry permanent so you can build additional color without creating mud and they are one of my favorite coloring tools.  They come in sets ranging from 6-72.  They are listed as watercolor pencils, but I think that description is limiting....they are far more than simple watercolor pencils.

Wow!  That sound a bit like an advertisement.  Sorry about that, but I really do LOVE these pencils.  You can purchase them from Amazon, Dick Blick or Michael's.

Project Inspiration: Watercolor Pencils
Normally I create an ATC card for my Project Inspiration board.  Turns out, I already have an ATC card for watercolor pencils.  So this week I made a card.

Everyday Moodlings-Inktense Watercolor Pencils

Supplies: Watercolor pencils, card stock, watercolor paper, stamps, ink, embossing powder and ink, label die, ribbon, pop dots, paint, and dimensional adhesive.

  1. Cut card base from card stock.
  2. Cut background from watercolor paper. (I used 140lb, heat pressed, watercolor paper.)
  3. Stamp watercolor paper with background stamp and embossing ink.  Emboss with white embossing powder.
  4. Using two colors, color background with watercolor pencils.
  5. Using additional watercolor paper stamp bird image and cut label.
  6. Color label with watercolor paint and stamp lightly with second background stamp.
  7. Color bird with watercolor pencils.
  8. Stamp, color and cut out sentiment.
  9. Adhere card background to card base.  Add ribbon.
  10. Add embellishments.
  11. Add sentiment using pop-dots.
  12. Add dimensional adhesive to sentiment to create a glossy look.  

Interesting in learning more about dimensional adhesives?  Check out this post for a complete review of this handy craft supply.

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