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June 23, 2015

Project Inspiration: Crafting with the Humble Sponge!

Project Inspiration: The  Humble Sponge

Hi folks, Shirley Pando here for this week's Project Inspiration.

The poor sponge. It is relegated to washing dishes, cleaning counters, and disinfecting bathrooms. YUCK! But we can easily take that humble instrument of work into the playful world of art. Be free, sponge, be free!

This week, I'm using 3 different sponges and 3 bottles of cheap craft paint. I bet you have some similar items lurking in your house, too. Come join me to create three totally different cards.

Check out the three cards I made this week. When you limit your supplies you stretch your creativity and can come up with some interesting projects.

I love to stitch on paper. If you'd like to try but are afraid, do it anyway! It brings a nice textural element to your cards and other paper projects. Check out my 10 Tips for Stitching on Paper, located on my personal blog.

Card #1 "just be you"

"Just Be You" card 

Card base (5" x 7"), cardstock, painted background paper, ribbon, sticker, feather, sewing machine and thread, photo corners, glue runner (ATG), glue dot, foam dots

Tip: If you don't have a photo corner in the color you need (or any other supply for that matter), paint it!

Card #2 "Birthday Greetings"

"Birthday Greetings" card

Card base (5" X 7"), cardstock, painted background paper, butterfly hand held punch, ribbon, sentiment stamp, stamping ink, glue runner (ATG), glue dot, foam dots

 Card #3 "Happy Birthday"

Card base (5" X 7"), paper doily, cardstock, painted background paper, sentiment stamp, stamping ink, bling, sewing machine and thread, colored pencil, glue runner (ATG), fluid matte medium or tacky glue, glue dot, foam dots

Want to know how I created my projects? There's a Video!
Looking for even more inspiration? I know, I know that is a silly question.  Who doesn't want tips and ideas for using our crafty supplies. 

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  1. Cool cards, Shirley! I enjoyed your video. I use a cut-up kitchen sponge with my Distress Inks. I have the DI tool now but I am comfortable using the pieces of kitchen sponge so I keep using them. I like how you used the various sponges to create your backgrounds. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you, my dear! I loved how limiting what I use stretched my creativity. I usually don't like making cards, but lately it has become a joy. :-)