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June 16, 2015

Project Inspiration-Acrylic Paint

Everyday Moodlings-Acrylic Paint

Look into any craft room/space/closet/studio and you are bound to find a bottle or two of paint. (I am pretty should you have to give up your crafter's 'card' without it.)

It is such a versatile medium with so many different colors and styles to choose from.  We continue our journey through wet mediums with paint!

This is was a difficult topic for me to work with.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I LOVE paint and all it can do.  The challenge came from making paint the star.  In most of my projects it is a supporting character.

Project Inspiration: Paint
In the end I opted to use paint two ways to achieve the results I wanted.  I started with a dry brush background using craft paint.  I then used heavy body acrylic paint to create a surface to de-boss with a foam stamp.

Everyday Moodlings-Acrylic Paint

Supplies:  Pattern paper, craft paint, heavy body paint, ink, ribbon, foam stamp (flower), Stickles, button, paint brush and palette knife.

  1. Dry brush 2 or 3 colors of paint onto ATC background.  Ink edges.
  2. Apply heavy body paint using palette knife.  
  3. While paint is still wet, push foam stamp into paint and remove to reveal de-bossed image.
  4. Allow paint to dry.
  5. Apply Stickles (or similar product) to stamped image. Add button to center.
  6. Add ribbon and label.

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