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June 02, 2015

Project Inspiration: Acrylic Mediums

Everyday Moodlings-Acrylic Mediums

I remember the good old days.  The days when paper crafting meant card stock, pattern paper, stamps and stickers. (And some ugly die-cuts.  Really, who needs a purple duck?)

Today we have so many products to choose from.  Including some items we never dreamed we would be using.

This month we will be exploring mediums and paints.

When it comes to mediums, additives and paint......it can be very confusing. What is each one for? What is the best brand?  Over the years my collection has grown by leaps and bounds. They're so fun to use with the current mixed media/art journaling and stencil craze.

So what's in my stash?  Currently I have:
  • Gesso (White and Clear)
  • Matte Medium
  • Matte Gel
  • Gel Medium and Heavy Body Gel Medium
  • Crackle Paste
  • Pouring Medium
  • Pouring Matte Medium
  • String Gel
  • Retarder
  • Glass Bead Gel
  • Iridescent Medium
  • Course Texture Gel
  • Light Modeling Paste
  • Texture Paste
I know that looks like a lot, but there is still so many more I could add.  :)  Each one holds so many possibilities.  If I had to recommend just a few for someone getting started, I would recommend: Gesso, Gel Medium and Matte Medium. 

Project Inspiration: Mediums
For this week's ATC card I chose to keep it simple.  I wanted to simply highlight a number of different mediums.  I used a stencil and applied white Gesso, clear Gesso and Matte Gel.  I also opted to use a heat gun.  This creates a fun bubbly effect.

Everyday Moodlings-Acrylic Mediums

Supplies: Gesso (white and clear), Matte Gel, watercolor paper, stencil, ink and palette knife.

  1. Apply different mediums to watercolor paper using a stencil and palette knife.
  2. Allow time for mediums to dry.  For this ATC I chose to use a heat gun to dry the mediums.  Normally I would not do this as it causes bubbling.  But I thought it would add some interesting texture.....and it did. :)
  3. Add ink to ATC once the mediums are completely dry.
  4. Label ATC.

There's a Video? You Bet Ya!

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Your Turn
So how many acrylic mediums do you have in your stash?  Do you use them often or are they gathering dust?  Which is your favorite?

Stop by tomorrow as we will be exploring the difference between mediums and additives.

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