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June 19, 2015

Big Book of Backgrounds: Fun With Circles

Circles, circles, circles EVERYWHERE! Circles are sooooo popular right now.  And who am I to buck a trend. :)

In this episode I take a page that I tested a few misting sprays on and layer paint on top of it. (Of course, I could not stop there!  I also added Pan Pastels and stamps and more paint.)

Fun Technique Alert
I used Vaseline to create a resist so that I could reveal the color below.  This is a super fun technique....and most of us already have Vaseline in our homes.  So go raid the medicine cabinet and have fun. (No, Vicks is not a good replacement.....just sayin'.)

Products Used:
  • Spray Ink-Prima
  • Text Stamp
  • Versamark Ink Pad
  • Vaseline
  • Pan Pastel-White
  • Paint-Purple
  • Black Writer Paint-DecoArt

Interested in even more background ideas?  Check out my workshop-Fabulous Foundations.

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  1. I love it! Fabulous background and great video! I always learn so much here! Had no idea about the Vaseline! Question: What was the white stuff that you rubbed over the page after you stamped?

    1. Thanks Kitty. The 'white stuff' is Pan Pastel. It comes in a large variety of colors and are the same as stick pastels, but in a pan form. They are an amazing product. For me they are a nice break from wet mediums. :)