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May 19, 2015

Project Inspiration: Washi Tape

Everyday Moodlings-Washi Tape

Each week, as we choose products to work with, we often choose items that may be gathering dust in your craft room or studio.

This week we decided to reach for a different product.  One that you are probably using quite a bit right now......WASHI TAPE.

Also known as artist's tape, paper tape and tissue tape.  Washi tape is super hot right now and comes in so many different styles and patterns.  But what exactly is washi tape.  Well, let's explore that a bit and look at some ways to use washi tape.

What is washi tape?
To truly be called washi tape it must be made in Japan.  Just like to be called cognac it must be made in France, otherwise it is known as brandy.   Paper, artist or tissue tape is similar to washi tape, but not quite the same.  And decorate (deco) tape from Scotch has a plastic feel to it, requiring it to be cut rather than torn.

Washi tape is made from natural fibers and in the lighter colors is semi-transparent.  It made from washi paper with adhesive on the back and was originally commissioned by artists who wanted colorful masking tape for book binding.  But that is just the start of what you can do with this amazing tape.

True washi tape is generally more expensive and higher quality than some of the paper tape now in the market.  I can attest to that.  I have ended up with some rolls that we almost unusable.....you truly get what you pay for.

Both paper tape and washi tape can be matte or have a slight sheen to it.  One of my favorites is the Tim Holtz tissue tape.  I like it because it has a matte finish that is easy to write on.  It is also semi-transparent, which allows for layer building.  Depending on the coating you may need to use a Sharpie when writing on washi tape or a permanent ink pad when using stamps.

The tape is so versatile that a quick Pinterest search will bring up amazing results.  Really?!  Covering your keyboard letters?  That might be taking it too far.  As always I am amazed with the creative ideas people come up with.

What about storage?
Believe it or not, I only have a small collection of washi/paper tape.  I am able to keep everything in one small box.  We shall see how long that lasts.  I did add some really fun storage ideas to the Everyday Moodlings Pinterest board. 

How to use washi tape?
Originally I thought I would make a list of everything you can do with washi tape, but that has been done a number of times.  You can find amazing lists here and here and I have added additional lists to our board.  Instead I decided to share my two favorite ways to use washi/paper tape.

Project Inspiration: Washi/Paper Tape
I included my two favorite ways to use washi tape on the ATC below.

  1. To create texture.  Since it has adhesive on it you can crumple it as I did for the border below.
  2. To embellish die-cuts.  Since it is so thin you can layer it onto cardstock or pattern paper, yet still be able to cut it with wafer thin dies.

Everyday Moodlings-Washi Tape

Supply: Tissue tape (Tim Holtz), pattern paper, ink, die (Spellbinders), spray ink, watercolor paper, black pastel crayon, rhinestones and pop-dots.

Learning More
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Your Turn
Are you a washi tape lover?  Have you amassed a large collection?  How do you store them?  Your fellow readers would love to know.

Project Inspiration is an ongoing series.  You can read more here. 

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