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May 05, 2015

Project Inspiration: Using Stickers to Create Dimension

Stickers....the one constant of paper crafting.  Next to paper is there anything that we have used more universally than stickers?

In this episode of Project Inspiration we will explore using stickers to add dimension.

I would guess that you probably have a wide array of stickers in your stash.  Probably letter stickers, word stickers, border stickers, themed stickers and more.  (Or am I the only one.)

I have been paper crafting for a long time so some of my stickers are quite old.  And I have gifted more stickers then I have kept.  Still, their charm seems to not diminish over time.  In the early days stickers were our go to embellishment. (There was very few other options to choose from.)  Over time they become more sophisticated and versatile.  Where would we be without stickers?!

Project Inspiration: Stickers
For this project I pulled out some of my oldest letter stickers.  They became the base of my ATC, adding depth and dimension.  If you want to see how I create my ATC, be sure to sign up for our videos.

Supplies: Stickers, gesso, spray ink, paint, black pen, black ink, cardstock and texture paste.

  1. Cut cardstock to 2.75" x 3.75".  This will be the base of your ATC.
  2. Cover ATC with letter stickers.  Add additional letter stickers to create dimension.
  3. Cover with a light coat of gesso and allow time to dry.
  4. Lightly spray with ink spray.  I used Lindy's Stamp Gang.  Allow time to dry.
  5. Using circle template draw circles onto the ATC in a sketch style.
  6. Add paint to circles.
  7. Add border stickers to left side of ATC.
  8. Mix paint and texture paste.  Apply to ATC using a stencil and palette knife.  Allow time to dry.
  9. Add word stickers to circles.
  10. Ink edges with black ink.

Learning More

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Your Turn
Are you a sticker lover?  What are you favorites and what are you favorite ways to use them?  Your fellow readers would love to know.

Project Inspiration is an ongoing series.  You can read more here. 

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