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May 22, 2015

Big Book of Backgrounds.....having a plan.

I have no plan.  That is how I approach my backgrounds.  I might decide what products or techniques I want to use, but that is it.  I like just going with the flow.

It is a nice change of pace from most of my art work and crafting projects.

But from time to time, I need to have a plan.  This episode explores that idea.  I knew exactly what I wanted the background to look like so I could accommodate certain projects.

I could have just made one tag or ATC at a time.....but where is the fun in that. :)  I will show you exactly how I set up the background when I have an end in mind.

Here are the final tag backgrounds. 

I used the purple ATC card you saw on the right of the background to make my stencils Project Inspiration ATC.

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