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April 24, 2015

Big Book of Backgrounds

Everyday Moodlings-Big Book of Backgrounds

I love playing with inks, paint, mediums, chalk and more.  So you would think that I would be an art journaler.  Well, you would be wrong. While I love the idea of art journaling, my time is just too limited to add it to my to-do list.  One day.....maybe.  Until then what's a girl to do with so many fun techniques and projects to try.

Create a Big Book of Backgrounds!

So what is a Big Book of Backgrounds?  Glad you asked.   In my never ending journey through Pinterest (that site is a like a rabbit hole) I found an artist that creates backgrounds for future use and just stores them in a journal.  What a brilliant idea.  It was one of THOSE ideas.  You know, the ones where you think.....why didn't I think of that!  UGGG!  Thank goodness for the internet.

So I promptly purchased a large Dylusions art journal.  Because all great ideas start with new supplies. :)  I had never even considered buying one before, as the size was just too large.  I was not sure what I would do with it.  But now I had a clear vision of how to fit it into my art life.

Normally when I work on a tag or ATC, I work only on that piece.  It always seems like a waste to use products like spray ink on a small surface.  Using the Dylusions Art Journal allows me to work large scale and then cut it down to the size I want later.  This means a lot less product gets wasted.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  I could just mop of any extra product on additional tags.  True, but then I have to store and find those tags.  Something I have tried in the past with limited success.  Sometimes we have to let go of what does not work.  The beauty of this project is that I can store all of the backgrounds in the book until I want them.  Each page can produce multiple tags and/or ATCs.  And if I tire of a background I can simply paint it over and start again.  Brilliant....just brilliant.

One of my favorite ways to use my Big Book of Backgrounds is to test out new products and techniques.  'Research' that often finds its way into my classes. :)  Enjoy the video below as I test a new spray ink. (At least, it is new to me.  Lindy's Stamp Gang has been around for a while.  But I just recently joined the fun.)

Everyday Moodlings-Tag Art

This tag was eventually created from the background.

I have already create several more backgrounds that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks and months.   Watch for them of Fridays.  A perfect way to start the weekend. :)

Happy Playing!


  1. Great idea, Jeri! I created a background page once for a specific project - used a small part and saved the rest - ended up using it all eventually. But it never occurred to me to do more pages like this and save them. Got to get to work!