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January 27, 2015

Project Inspiration: Wood

It's Here!  Our 1st Project Inspiration Topic!
 Everyday Moodlings-Project Inspiration

I recently thought....I feel a bit sorry for chipboard.  It seems to have been pushed aside, sitting sadly in a dark drawer.  Or buried in a basket.  Pushed aside by the next big thing......WOOD.

A quick warning.  This is a long post.....hey, I had a lot to say. :)

Wood is everywhere right now.  Wood veneers, wood paper, altered wood products.  Wood has always had its place in paper crafting, seriously where would paper be without wood, but lately it seems like wood products are everywhere.

I would like to say I have not jumped on the bandwagon, but alas that is not to be.  I loved wood products longggggg before it was cool to love wood products.  (No, I will not make a Woody joke here....I will NOT make a Woody joke.)  Whew, that was a close one. ;)

I have several projects to share this week. 1st up is my altered flower pots I talked about yesterday.

Altered Wood Flower Pots 
Everyday Moodlings-Altered Flower Pots

Everyday Moodlings-Altered Flower Pots

In the video below I explain how I altered these unfinished wood flower pots, what I include in them and how I use them in my creative process. 

2nd Quick Note:
(Ever have one of THOSE days.  I had one when taking videos this week.  Over the holidays I left my video camera battery charging.  This meant that my video camera reset itself and I did not notice that is was recording at a lower quality until I was completely done.  Of course there is no going back.  So I apologize and I promise it won't happen again. Now back to our regularly scheduled video.)

My List
Below is a link to my list of items. I encourage you to use it to inspire your own list of topics.  Look through your supplies…..dig through drawers, baskets and bins to create your own list.  I include supplies that I often forget about.  I do not include items that I use on a regular basis, like brads or ribbon.  I don’t need a reminder to use those. :)

Click here to download a copy of my list.  If for some reason the link does not work please email me at jeriparks.mcc@gmail.com and I will send you a copy via email.

Project #2: Thank You Card with Wood Medallion

Everyday Moodlings

Everyday Moodlings

Supply List: Wood paper (BARC Wood by ARC Crafts), floss, button, scalloped circle die (Spellbinders), text paper, white stain or paint, text stamp, sentiment stamp, black, brown and aqua ink, misting sprays (Prima-Antique Gold) and card stock.

Want to know exactly how I made this card?  Be sure to subscribe to our weekly process videos below.

50 Challenges in 2015

Here at Everyday Moodlings we take using our stashes very seriously.  Hey....I started a whole blog on the top.  But then, everyone has a blog.

So we decided to start a Facebook group dedicated to using what we have on hand.  WOW!  That was really thinking outside the box. :)

If you would like an extra push to start using all of those supplies you are hiding from your husband, then join us.  I will be posting a new challenge each week starting on January 19th.

Then together we can post our ideas, inspiration and completed projects.  It will be fun.....I promise!  Join the 50 Challenges in 2015 Facebook group.

 Looking for even more inspiration? I know, I know that is a silly question.  Who doesn't want tips and ideas for using our crafty supplies.

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I hope you are inspired to get out some of you wood products and get busy creating.  On Friday we will be post our wood projects.

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  1. Thank you for your inspiration list and for an interesting video and project! I already subscribed. Hopefully I will receive your weekly process video and free Ink Essentials class soon. Thanks - I enjoy your blog and videos!

    1. Hi,

      The email for the free class went out yesterday. Let me know if you did not receive it.