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January 26, 2015

Project Inspiration: Tips for Finding and Using What You Have

Project Inspiration: Knowing what you have and using your stash.

Everyday Moodlings-Project Inspiration

Are you buried under your stash?  Do you organize and organize and still can't remember what you have?  Do you put your purchases away in boxes, bins, drawers and baskets only to completely forget what you purchased?

You are not alone!
The goal of this blog is pretty simple. Use what we have. (We even have a Facebook Group dedicated to the topic.) Don't confuse that with not buying more....that is a totally different subject. Who am I to deny you the joy of shopping? Although, I AM on a crusade against shopping as a substitute for creating.  You know who you are.  I was one of you once, but no more. :) 

If you have a large stash of supplies and let's face it most of us have enough supplies for a lifetime of crafting, then you probably struggle to remember what you have.  Here are some indications I might be talking about you:

  • Before you start a new project you begin looking through all of your supplies to find the perfect items for said project.  This process can take hours if not days.  The resulting pile of supplies could, in fact, create 5 to 10 of the same projects.
  • You are consistently buying new boxes, bins, baskets for all of your new purchases.
  • You re-organized your supplies over and over again, but never actually use them.  
  • You have that this thought.  Maybe if I had everything perfectly organized, then I would find what I wanted.
  • While organizing your supplies you find you have multiples of the same item.  I am not talking paper or adhesive here.  I am talking stamps, dies and tools.
  • You are never create anything because your craft table/area/room is full of new purchases and you have nowhere to work/play.
The problem is not your supplies and how they are organized.
The truth is that after your stash gets large enough it would be impossible for any living human being to keep track of everything in their stash, much less put their hands on it when they wanted to use it.  So just STOP trying, just STOP IT.....and look for a better solution.

Project Inspiration: My Solution
Last year I started Project Inspiration.  My goal was to create an ATC (Artist Trading Card) for each of our challenges.  While I did get many of the cards completed I still have a long way to go.  Over Christmas break I was finally able to get all of the ATC trays on the wall in my craft room.

Looking for you own ATC tray?
 I currently have 5 ATC trays from 7 Gypsies.  My goal is to have them run the length of the wall in two rows.  It looks like I will be able to hang 8 to 10 in each row for a total of 20.  I cannot wait!  In 2015 I hope to complete the 1st row.  They are meant to serve as a visual remember of the supplies I have.  They are the 1st thing I see when I walk into my room and they make me very happy. :)

Everyday Moodlings-Project Inspiration

Most of the cards are not fancy and focus on a single product, with that product listed on the card (like the word ATC below.)  I also have incorporated some family photos and other precious objects that make me happy. :)

Project Inspiration: Wood
Each week I will be creating a new ATC card for your weekly challenge.  Below is the card I made for our 1st challenge....wood. I have also included a short tutorial.  

Everyday Moodlings-Project Inspiration

But wait, there's more!
One system is never enough, right?  If you have been following me for a while then you have heard about my flower pots.  If it is all new to you I will give you a brief recap.  I created a set of flower pots (similar to the one below.) The set below is a brand new set.  What happened to the original flower posts? (A bit nosy aren't you?) You will have to watch tomorrow's video to learn what lead to the demise of the original flower pots. 

Each flower has a supply/product/technique listed on it. Then when I start a new card or ATC or tag or scrapbook page I either randomly pick a couple of flowers to use or I look at them as a reminder and choose based on the project.

I have talked at length about how this helps to push my creativity.  It helps me to limit my decision make and it often pushes me to think outside the box to bring random products together.  But mostly.....it reminds of what I have.  

Everyday Moodlings-Project Inspiration

Tomorrow I will posting a video on how I created my altered wood flower posts, plus a list of topics I included.  Be sure to stop back tomorrow for more information.

So fess up?  Do you have more supplies then you can keep track of?  How do YOU remember what you have?  

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  1. OMG! I love both ideas! I just figured out why my room is always such a mess--I'm afraid if I put things out of sight, I'll forget to use them! Really, this is so exciting!

    1. You are not alone in your fear. I know it is common amongst craftsters and artist alike. Glad you like the ideas. Be sure to put your own spin on them and then post your results. :) Good luck.

  2. I have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more supplies than I need. At one point I started to catalog all my stamp sets and that really helped me stop buying them for awhile because I really saw just how many Flower, and Tree and Letter sets I had!

    I LOVE your frames and it's great to see how those have come together. I'm also very envious of all that wall space. I have pretty much 0 wall space in my room. That would be amazing.

    1. Thanks Marissa. That is actually the only wall I have left and I was saving it for this project. :) In 2013 I cataloged my stamps and it was so helpful. Especially my sentiment stamps.

  3. Fabulous blog post! I have been on a buying freeze yet I still have so much stuff. Sometimes after I finish a project, I will find something in my stash that would have been perfect for it - yet I forgot I ever owned it. I like your ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you. I did a small purge in January and I found a bunch of items I had totally forgotten about. I suppose we should all go through our supplies at least once a year. :)

    2. Love your post and OMG! The description about having too many supplies definitely describes me! 1/2 of my garage is filled with craft supplies from when I purged this past Fall. Am hoping to sell most of it in a craft sale this coming Spring. What I don't sell will be donated!

    3. Good luck with your craft sale. I tend to donate most of mine to friends. :) I am always amazed at how happy I am to say goodbye to those things that no longer inspire me.

  4. Just read this post and I feel so much better, I did a major purge and reorgization putting up several of the cubbies and my desk is still crowded .Now I am going to use your suggestion and start AT samples of my products and ways to use them. You are a miracle worker thank you

    1. OMG what a sweet comment. You made my day. :) Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few more ideas for simplifying the process and finding what we have so watch for them.